Private Public Buses Closed Contact in Ankara

Private Public Buses in Ankara Turned Off Contact
Private Public Buses Closed Contact in Ankara

Private Public Buses announced that they have decided to close their contacts as of Tuesday, October 18, due to increasing diesel, natural gas and other costs in Ankara. Announcing that it has taken all the measures, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality announced that additional flights will be organized.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB) announced that Private Public Buses decided to close contacts. In the statement of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, it was said:

“In order to contribute to the budgets of our fellow citizens by providing transportation well below its cost in difficult economic conditions; While the passenger cost per person is 18 TL in public transportation in Ankara, the ticket price is 6,5 TL.


From the budget of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, 2021 million TL in 835 and 2022 billion 1 million TL in 611 were provided to the EGO General Directorate. Despite these aids, EGO General Directorate lost 2021 million TL in 361 and 2022 million TL in the first 9 months of 595 due to constantly increasing costs.


Although there is no legal obligation for Private Public Bus tradesmen, 130 million TL has been supported since the pandemic period. In return for the free transportation determined by law, the Metropolitan Municipality provided 8 times more support than the Ministry of Family and Social Services, although it was not compulsory.


Due to the non-stop increase in diesel, natural gas and other costs, Private Public Buses decided to close contacts as of this evening. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has taken all the measures and will organize full capacity EGO expeditions so that our citizens do not suffer. At the point we have reached today, the provisions of the contract will be applied, since the ÖTAs and ÖHOs do not provide services in violation of the contract.”


In the statement of the General Directorate of EGO, “In our public transportation services, additional bus and train services will be provided immediately in order to prevent our citizens from being victimized, according to the passenger density during the instant observations by the field inspection officers, Bus Fleet Tracking and Rail System Control Centers. The departure times and route information of our vehicles can be followed on EGO CEP and EGO Urban Transportation Web Information System.

The service schedule for Tuesday, October 18, 2022 was published on the website of the EGO General Directorate.

Private public buses in Ankara decided to close contacts


Making a statement on the subject, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş said, “We have provided 2 billion 446 million TL of support to EGO from our municipal budget, and 130 million TL from our municipal budget to the EGO tradesmen since the pandemic, although there is no legal obligation. In the face of constantly increasing costs, our income has become unable to meet our expenses.


The Chairman of the Union of All Private Public Buses Cooperatives Kurtuluş Kara, Ankara Private Public Buses Chamber of Commerce President Ercan Soydaş and private public bus tradesmen gathered at the Başkent District Terminal in Yenimahalle to reiterate their requests for increase in transportation and support for transportation. made. Kurtulus Kara said in a statement:

“We are here today as a result of the banner I opened on behalf of our tradesmen at the Ankara Metropolitan Assembly on Friday evening. We did not receive any concrete response from our four group vice presidents and our Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor. As far as I can see, our Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality did not come to the parliament because there was no budget in the Metropolitan (an opinion we have brought as our own tradesmen), because there was a reduction in the water tariff at ASKİ, because there was no budget, it is about the income support we have received.

We broadcast live on Saturday on behalf of our tradesmen. Today, we held a meeting at the EGO General Directorate, but we did not receive any good news that we could give to our tradesmen. This is not an action. Our shopkeepers cannot operate their vehicles at the moment because they cannot buy fuel. Otherwise, we do not say, do not try completely, close the roads. We urgently demand a solution from the four group vice presidents, our bureaucrats, our Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, so that our people from Ankara do not suffer.”

“People's busses are hurting”

Kara stated that the private public bus tradesmen were hurting and said, “We are not very satisfied, we are tired of crying in front of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, on the streets and on the streets every three months. Public buses do public service, believe me, they are making a loss. You can see them from the validators of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate. I am calling out to our EGO General Manager from here, convey our voice to our President as soon as possible. Let's bring our problems together," he said.


Saying that no one should use the private public bus tradesmen in politics, Kara said, “The water tariff has increased in ASKİ, the water has increased, transportation has come. This is transportation guys. While 0.5% water was 30 kurus, we were 3.25 liras. Today, water is 5 liras, the vehicle fee is 6,5 liras. We carry transfer passengers to 1.25, the average is 3 liras. We want a solution immediately," he said.


Ercan Soydaş, the President of Ankara Private Public Buses Chamber of Craftsmen, said that frequently appearing in front of the public with such events disturbed them, and used the following statements:

“You know, there are public transportation figures announced by the Metropolitan Municipality recently. It was announced by the Metropolitan Municipality that the full fee should be above 18 lira and the discounted fee should be above 9 lira. Therefore, in our opinion, Ankara is one of the cheapest cities in terms of transportation when you calculate the transfer and subscription.

Of course, the public reacts seriously when a raise is requested. It is also useful to explain this to the public. The public compares public buses with our public buses. The damage done by the buses operated by the EGO General Directorate is a public loss. It is financed from the public budget. But the damage of private public buses is personal damage. It is not a situation that people can easily afford to lose their job or profession.”


Kara continued her statement, “With the income support given to free transportation and subscription, our tradesmen could partially pay their debts and continue on their way, but unfortunately, our expectation was not met in the October assembly. I repeat emphatically, we take refuge in the common sense of the people of Ankara. Believe me, it is very disturbing for us to come across such events frequently. But thousands of families of our tradesmen earn their living from this work, the districts, the workers in the center. This is a serious industry when you think about it. Therefore, it is a sector that needs to be supported and different formulas must be kept alive.”

Indicating that they are the only private sector in Turkey that provide free services, Kara said, “As you can appreciate, no private sector wants to provide free services. Let's make a call to the relevant ministries about this issue, especially to our Minister of Treasury, to our Minister of Family. Currently, the income support paid by the ministry is one-tenth of the cost of a bus. Therefore, we constantly convey to them that this should be raised to the level that our tradesmen deserve.”

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