Recipe for the Supply Crisis: PET İZMİR 2022

Prescription of the Supply Crisis PET IZMIR
Recipe for the Supply Crisis PET İZMİR 2022

Dazzling with its trendy products and services, the 6th International İzmir Pet Products Fair PET İZMİR 2022 received great appreciation from industry professionals.

The 6th International Izmir Pet Products, Materials and Accessories Suppliers Fair, which the pet world is looking forward to, will continue until the evening of October 2022, at PET IZMIR 2 Fair Izmir B Hall. Organized by Tema Fuarcılık, PET İZMİR 2022 can be visited between 11.00:20.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX.

Fair visitors are following with interest the cat-dog-bird-fish species, breed competitions, pet fashion shows, pet hairdressers' shows and trainings, narcotic and security dog ​​shows and colorful events in Pet İzmir 2022.

Prescribing the supply crisis

PET İZMİR 2022 offers a solution to the pet product supply crisis experienced at a high level after the pandemic. Aykut Karslı, General Manager of Tema Fuarcılık, said, “It was emphasized that there was high inflation in pet products around the world. It was stated that despite the inflation, the product could not be found. There were important developments in the fair for the future of the sector. Serious business connections were made. Our participants searched for the doors of new markets. A general satisfaction makes us happy on behalf of the sector as well.”

High praise from the participants

Mihajlo Petrovic said, “I always attend pet fairs. We prepared well for PET İzmir 2022 held in İzmir. We get the reward of our preparations from the fair. We are happy to be in an important organization of the sector. We are ready to do business with Turkey. We will make important commercial connections at the fair," he said.

Mohammed Hegazy, “I agree from Germany. We are confident in our products and our price. For this reason, we participate in the important organization of the sector. Since the opening of the fair, we have received significant attention from industry professionals. We have received orders. “I think we will reach a significant trade volume,” he said.

Laszlo Czirbusz “An important summit for pets and pet lovers is taking place. We are very happy to participate in this summit organization. Our bilateral meetings took place in a warm atmosphere. The interest in our products, both in the showcases and in the catalogues, is quite high. We have already more than reached our fair target.”

Naive Elamoudi, “We had information about the fair. But by experience, we have seen that it is a strong organization. We also met with significant interest. We are so glad we attended. We plan to participate next year,” he said.

Matthew Wismayer “We want to maintain our strong stance in the market. We want to open up to new markets. We are in PET IZMIR 2022, which is the right address for this. We are pleased with the interest we have received so far. We believe that there will be an important recycling after the fair as well”.

Oktay Diker, “We are one of the pioneers of the industry. We took our place in a significant size. We are pleased to attend this fair for years. The future of the industry is shaped in this organization.”

Hakan Kömürcü, “We live in an organization that gives the right to be international. Pet İzmir made its prestige speak again. All in all a good event. It is the largest organization in its field in Turkey and the second largest in Europe. Now it competes with Europe. Continuing cooperation with the sector will bring new successes," he said.

Erkan Aslan, “As an institution, we are extremely happy to participate in this organization. There is a supply shortage around the world. We produce solutions to problems here as sector representatives. There is competition. There are trending products. It is a fair that has no losers that brings gains to its exhibitors and visitors”.

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