Plant-Based Nutrition Reduces Cancer-Related Deaths

Plant-Based Nutrition Reduces Cancer-Related Deaths
Plant-Based Nutrition Reduces Cancer-Related Deaths

The global epidemic and the climate crisis, which is increasing its effects day by day, has made plant-based nutrition widespread. The plant-based nutrition market, which focuses on health and sustainability, is expected to turn into an industry of close to 45 billion dollars on a global scale. 100% natural, sugar-free, additive-free, vegan, gluten-free and preservative-free bar and granola varieties occupy a playful position in the market.

Plant-based nutrition, which focuses on health and sustainability, has emerged from the monopoly of vegan and vegetarianism with the triggering power of the global epidemic and climate crisis. According to Statista's data, the plant-based nutrition market, which is expected to reach 44,2 billion dollars at the end of the year, is estimated to reach 2030 billion dollars by growing more than three times by 3.

Stating that the global epidemic has removed plant-based nutrition from being an alternative, Rawsome Founder Semra İnce said, “The increasing awareness of healthy living and sustainability has made the star of the diet in which vegetable protein sources shine. A plant-based diet, which replaces meat, eggs, dairy products and processed foods with fruits, vegetables, legumes, oilseeds and whole grains, is becoming a lifestyle like vegan and vegetarianism. With the increasing demand for plant-based nutrition, which takes its main motivation from the goal of healthy living, the products have also diversified. Successful results obtained from R&D studies focusing on alternatives to dairy and meat products brought vegetable proteins to meals by taking them from the snack lane.”

Reduces diabetes risk by 23%

Stating that researches show that plant-based nutrition significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer affecting the heart, brain and kidney vessels, Semra İnce said: “Vegetable proteins, which replace red meat in plant-based nutrition, which reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, the plague of the age, by 23%. It increases the body's defense power against cancer. Studies reveal that a diet based on plant proteins, defined as clean proteins, reduces deaths from cardiovascular diseases by 42% and cancer-related deaths by 39%. While red meat products, which are high in saturated fat, increase cholesterol, meeting the daily protein requirement from unprocessed vegetable protein reduces bad cholesterol by about 30%. On the other hand, the most recent studies show that the consumption of fish and low-fat dairy products, which are found to be healthier than red meat, does not have a function for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Focused on health, taste and sustainability

Rawsome Founder Semra İnce, who noted that the increasing awareness of sustainability in today's climate crisis alarmed, also strengthened the place of vegetable proteins in meals, said, “The range of flavors offered by plant-based nutrition is gradually expanding. Foods such as mushrooms, which taste very close to red meat and far superior to it in terms of nutrition, mayonnaise whose main ingredient is chickpea juice instead of egg, almond and sesame milk that meet the daily calcium need, and tuna made from soy protein, sit at the forefront in plant-based nutrition. Livestock activities, which are responsible for more than half of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, do not only pose a threat to sustainability, but also take away the right to life of animals. Producing 1 gram of red meat causes greenhouse gas emissions 1 times that of 25 gram of tofu. Plant-based nutrition, which serves the sustainability of the world, also undertakes the advocacy of the right to life of animals.”

Health and taste ambassador of vegetable proteins

Stating that they focus on health, taste and sustainability in the products they develop as a company that knows very well that proper nutrition is more important than eating less, Semra İnce said, “We produce 100% natural, sugar-free, additive-free, We offer a roadmap to those who adopt a plant-based diet with our vegan, gluten-free and preservative-free varieties. We are giving a new identity to snacks that are often perceived as unhealthy. We take our place in main meals and snacks by combining unprocessed natural nuts and fruits that get their sugar from the power of nature, gluten-free oats with high protein and fiber content in a single package. With our protein bars, granola and snack balls, which are also sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, we undertake the ambassador of taste and health of vegetable proteins.”

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