A New Era in Public Transportation and Shopping: Istanbulkart Opens to the World

New Term Istanbulkart Opens to the World in Public Transportation and Shopping
A New Era in Public Transportation and Shopping Istanbulkart Opens to the World

İBB subsidiary BELBİM cooperated with MASTERCARD. Istanbulkart holders will be able to shop without the need for another card. Istanbulkart's journey with the vision of 'Life Card of the City', Istanbulkarts with the Mastercard logo will have international validity. Speaking at the signing ceremony, İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu“With Istanbulkart, e-commerce and all kinds of shopping will be possible. Contactless credit and debit cards can be used in public transportation.

Istanbul has taken another big step towards innovative urban solutions. Istanbulkart, which is used by Istanbulites as a payment tool in many areas of daily life, especially in transportation, has become even stronger by collaborating with Mastercard. IMM subsidiary BELBİM and Mastercard Cooperation Protocol, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu and Mastercard Turkey General Manager Avşar Gürdal, at Emirgan Beyaz Köşk. BELBİM General Manager Nihat Narin and President Advisor Ertan Yıldız were also present at the ceremony.


IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluStating that they have implemented a very important cooperation for public transportation in Istanbul, he said that they have a responsibility to catch the spirit of the age and innovations, and to bring convenience to the lives of Istanbulites by taking advantage of the developments in technology. Expressing that they attach importance to providing all kinds of convenience without delay while serving 16 million Istanbul residents, İmamoğlu continued his words as follows: “We can now solve our digitalized daily tasks with the help of a mobile phone. The digital infrastructure also enables us to offer much more integrated and integrated solutions. As İBB, we are preparing for the future by strengthening Istanbul with smart technologies with our smart city vision. Istanbulkart, produced by our subsidiary BELBİM, is used by an average of 9 million people a day. We have digitized the infrastructure of such a heavily used card 100%. The number of crossings made with QR code on Istanbulkart Mobile reached an average of 5 million per month. Now, we are taking our digitalized payment network to an even higher level thanks to our cooperation with Mastercard. With this cooperation, it will be possible to make payments with contactless credit, debit and prepaid cards in our public transportation vehicles.”


Expressing that they are making digital moves to make Istanbulkart the life card of the city, İmamoğlu said, “We want Istanbulites to be able to use their Istanbulkart safely in many areas other than public transportation. I would like to give the good news that we will achieve this in the second leg of our project. With the digital Istanbulkart with the Mastercard logo, which will be created from Istanbulkart Mobil in the first place, payments can be made on all domestic and international e-commerce sites. Afterwards, physical Istanbulkarts with the Mastercard logo will also be used and our physical cards will have the same function. At the same time, existing Istanbulkarts with all their rights can be used for transportation and all kinds of shopping payments.”


Mastercard Turkey General Manager Avşar Gürdal stated that they are proud to serve Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with our technologies, and said that with the project they carried out with BELBİM, consumers will be able to use their contactless Mastercard in public transportation.

Emphasizing that all Istanbul residents and tourists can benefit from public transportation with their contactless Mastercard, Gürdal said that in the second leg of the project, Istanbulkarts with the Mastercard logo will be used for shopping all over the world. Gürdal, IMM President for cooperation Ekrem İmamoğlu and BELBİM executives.


With the cooperation of İBB Subsidiary BELBİM and Mastercard, it is possible to make payments with domestic and international contactless credit, debit and prepaid cards. After the technical preparation phase of the application, it is planned to be implemented in the coming months. Thus, Istanbulkart, which serves as a transportation and life card and has 22 million active users, will be used in transportation and shopping payments with all its rights.

Günceleme: 24/10/2022 16:51

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