Mobile Gaming Platform Runs Partnership Program with Publishers from 57 Countries

Mobile Game Platform Runs Partnership Program with Country Publisher
Mobile Gaming Platform Runs Partnership Program with Publishers from 57 Countries

As competition increased in the business world, marketing professionals began to develop new strategies. While partnership and revenue sharing programs stand out among these methods, it was seen that four out of 5 businesses used affiliate programs to increase their income.

Increasing competition in business and digital platforms has led marketing professionals to find new growth models. Affiliate programs, also known as affiliate marketing, that promise a certain income for each member registration, download or sale through referral links, have also been adopted by content producers that appeal to their target audience. Research conducted in the USA showed that four out of 5 businesses use affiliate programs to increase their income, while the income from these programs corresponds to 30% of the total income of the companies. The mobile gaming platform BlueStacks has also joined the companies that started the affiliate program.

BlueStacks Founder and CEO Rosen Sharma, who shared his evaluations on the subject, said, “As BlueStacks, which makes it possible to play more than 2 million games on the Android platform on the computer, we offer video game focused content producers, YouTube We offer publishers and game-oriented websites an income model where they can get their money's worth.”

It has participants from 57 countries

While it is known that 84% of publishers and content producers who reach wide target audiences are included in partnership models of different companies, these people include blog, social media, YouTube It was seen that he used platforms such as the channel. Rosen Sharma stated that thanks to the partnership program they offer as a company, content producers can earn income per click and download from special links that they can get on the platform they participate in, Rosen Sharma said, “The partnership program we offer as BlueStacks today has reached a large number of participants from 57 countries. We have business partners with monthly income of 60 to 80 thousand dollars. Participants of the program can examine more than 500 mobile game offers, commission rates and other statistics offered under the umbrella of BlueStacks through their special platform.

Blog, forum, website, Twitch and YouTube Publishers can join

BlueStacks Founder and CEO Rosen Sharma reminded that all content producers who produce video game-oriented original content on any platform can participate in the program, and concluded his evaluations with the following words: activities are recorded in real time. All content producers who reach the minimum payment threshold can receive their payments on time to their account numbers registered in the system. We welcome anyone interested to for full details and registration for the affiliate program.”

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