'Miracle' at the Louvre Museum in Paris

Miracle in Paris Louvre
'Miracle' at the Louvre Museum in Paris

Painter Aslıhan Çiftgül, at the ART Shopping-PARİS fair, whose 21th edition was held at the Louvre Museum (Carrousel Du Louvre) in Paris on October 23-2022, 30, and where a total of 40 international artists from 5500 different countries took part, was presented to the art audience with her painting “Miracle/Miracle”. gained a lot of attention.

The art fair, which has been held twice a year since 2007 at the Louvre Museum, one of the most important museums in the world, is a platform closely followed by the art world, as it offers comfortable and easy access to contemporary, original works.

Painter Çiftgül said, “The manifesto of my work is based on the common point of the three most widespread religions and four holy books on earth: We all believe in God and that all miracles come only from that unique Creator. it was a work. I was very touched and excited that he was accepted to a fair held in the most important museum of the world and that he received such appreciation during and after the exhibition. I now have an incredible motivation with “Miracle”…” He expressed his views on his work. Ciftgul, who was also featured in the Paris press, said, "I will continue to work with pride and excitement to represent my country in the international art world." he said.

Painter Çiftgül's work titled “Miracle/Miracle” was selected to be exhibited by the fair work selection commission as a result of long evaluations. It made a sound before it was exhibited because the three monotheistic religions represented by the four holy books, which were accepted as unchanged for centuries, were interpreted and exhibited in the same composition. After a meticulous and detailed preliminary study by the Louvre Museum Artifact Selection Commission, it was accepted to participate in the fair with the emphasis that France is a secular country. Painter Aslıhan Çiftgül's work named “Miracle/Miracle” drew attention as a work that was discussed so much before it was exhibited.

“Miracle” was greatly appreciated by art audiences. At the opening of the fair, Painter Aslıhan Çiftgül was honored by the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate Paris representatives, Father Ambrosios Stampliakas and Ioannis Christodoulakis.

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