Low Foaming Shampoo Decent

Low Kopure of the shampoo is acceptable
Low Foaming Shampoo Decent

Medipol University Çamlıca Hospital Dermatology Specialist Derya CAN, “Foaming does not mean that the shampoo cleans too much. When we buy shampoo, we prefer products that do not contain SLES, SLS, paraben and silicone, although it causes a little foaming, it guarantees a healthy cleaning. said.

Noting that the most important point in care for the health and shine of our hair, which reflects its personality and identity, is hair cleaning, Specialist Dr. Derya Can said the following on the subject;

“Although it is recommended to wash our hair twice a week in general, there is no upper limit for this. In addition to hair type, age, gender, culture and economic situation also affect daily hair care. Shampoos dissolve the oil in the hair and scalp, gently peel off the uppermost dead skin layer, clean the dirt by foaming, and shape the hair by static electricity. Shampoos contain detergents (sulfactants), conditioners, foaming agents, thickening agents, preservatives, and additives. If there is a high level of detergent in the shampoo, it will strip the outer cuticle layer of the hair, making the hair more frizzy, dull and difficult to detangle. These reduce the surface tension between water and dirt, allowing dirt to be easily removed from the hair and skin.”


Saying that shampoos containing selenium disulfide should be preferred for dandruff hair, Can said that long-term use of these can cause dulling and breakage in the hair.

Stating that people with curly and fluffy hair prefer moisturizing shampoos, they can prevent fluffiness and electrification.


Talking about the misconception in society that the hair will become more beautiful as it is combed, Can stated that too much and unnecessary combing will damage the outermost layer of the hair, causing hair damage, breakage and shedding.

Giving the right shampoo recommendations for oily and dry hair, Can said, “For oily hair, shampoos containing strong sulfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate and succinate should be preferred. It reduces the amount of sebum. The moisturizing effect is low. If used continuously, it may dry and dull. Hair should be washed 2 to 3 times a week. For dry hair, shampoos containing moderate sulfactants such as sodium laureth sulfate should be preferred. Hair should be washed once or twice a week. Dryers and hard combs should not be used and hair conditioners should be preferred. said.

Giving information about thin and thick hair, Can concluded his words as follows;

“Be careful not to use shampoos containing substances such as sodium chloride, which will dry out your fine hair, as it is prone to breakage. You can choose shampoos containing vitamins A, B and E. Creamy shampoos may be suitable for thick hair. Shampoos that will moisturize and soften your hair are the right choices for your hair type. Colored and permed hair should use shampoos containing protein and its derivatives. It increases the resistance of the hair against breakage, gives flexibility to the hair fiber, thickens the hair strand, and prevents the formation of fractures.

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