İzmir's New Book Fair İZKİTAP Opened

Izmir's New Book Fair IZKITAP Was Opened
İzmir's New Book Fair İZKİTAP Opened

İzmir's new book fair İZKİTAP, organized by İZFAŞ and SNS Fairs, hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, was opened at Fuar İzmir. Emphasizing the importance of the “A Library for Every Neighborhood” campaign, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer“We want to make İzmir a big square of thought. This fair is actually the result of this effort.”

İzmir Book Fair (İZKİTAP), organized for the first time in İzmir by İZFAŞ and SNS Fairs, hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, started in İzmir. İZELMAN A.Ş. and Publishers Cooperative (YAYKOOP), the opening of the fair, which brings together writers and publishers with book lovers, was attended by the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Tunç Soyer, İZKİTAP's guest of honor Nedim Gürsel, CHP İzmir Deputy Atila Sertel, Ministry of Foreign Affairs İzmir Representative Ambassador Naciye Gökçen Kaya, TRNC İzmir Consul General Ayşen Volkan İnanıroğlu, İzmir Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Murat Karacanta, İzmir Chamber of Commerce Speaker Selami Özpoyraz, author Hanri Benazus , SNS Fairs Representative Saruhan Simsaroğlu, İZFAŞ General Manager Canan Karaosmanoğlu Buyer, representatives of political parties, readers and writers.

Soyer: “The book is the conscience”

The Mayor, who started his speech by describing the "A Library for Every Neighborhood" campaign initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Tunç Soyer, said that the first goal with the books donated to the campaign is to open 50 libraries. President Soyer said, “The book is the conscience… Because it allows us to understand the world through someone else's eyes. A book is an experience… It is a tool to learn as much as possible without making mistakes. In order to support those who read and write the books, we want to make İzmir a great place of thought. This fair is actually the result of this effort. Thanks to this fair, which brings our publishing industry together with all its components in İzmir, the heart of thought and art beats in İzmir again.”

Simsaroğlu: “We are the children of the Republic”

SNS Fairs representative Saruhan Simsaroğlu stated that İZKİTAP has a special importance and said, “We are the children of the Republic, founded by a leader who, despite spending most of his life at the front, always reads 4 thousand books and wrote about a dozen books. Our duty is to keep the books with us while preserving Atatürk's legacy.”

Gürsel: “It is good that there is İzmir”

Guest of honor Nedim Gürsel started his speech by saying, “I thank the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality not only for giving me this honor, but also for bringing me together with you.” Nedim Gürsel said that holding this fair in İzmir has a special meaning for him and said, “I saw the sea for the first time in İnciraltı. I feel the excitement I felt when I was a child that day, today in my old age. It is good that there is Izmir, it is good that there are books, it is good that there are writers, but I think the readers are very important”.
President Soyer visited İZKİTAP with his delegation and bought books and presented them to children.

Guest of Honor Nedim Gürsel

The fair will be open to visitors between 10.00-20.00. Author and academician Nedim Gürsel, who teaches Turkish literature at Sorbonne University, will meet with visitors at the talk on October 800. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor at 29 on the same day. Tunç Soyer, "one hundred. He will participate in the talk on "The Republic of Turkey". Timur Soykan, Aytunç Erkin and Murat Ağırel will also take part in the talk. Ahmet Ümit and Timur Soykan's signature day will be held on October 100 at 29. Suat Çağlayan will meet with his readers on 14.00 October at 30, Buket Uzuner on 13.00 November at 4, Sinan Meydan on 17.00 November at 5:12.00, and Ahmet Telli on 6 November at 14.00.

Additional expeditions to facilitate access to the fair

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has created special transportation lines to İZKİTAP in order to facilitate the transportation of Izmir residents to Fair Izmir. Except for Üçyol Metro-Fair İzmir numbered 92, Gaziemir Neighborhood Garage-Fair İzmir numbered 610, Fahrettin Altay-Fair İzmir numbered 650 and Lausanne Square-Fair İzmir numbered 540, Bornova Metro Station and Şirinyer will run every 25 minutes without connecting to İZBAN. Students from schools will also be able to reach İZKİTAP by shuttles.

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