Istanbul Your Application Exceeded 1 Million Users

Istanbul Your App Overcomes Million Users
Istanbul Your Application Exceeded 1 Million Users

IMM's smart city application “Istanbul is Yours” has exceeded 1 million users. With the application; It is possible to reach many services, from transportation to bill payments, from free İBB Wi-Fi to Hamidiye Su order. More than 64 thousand people were provided with job opportunities in the private sector with the Search for a Job, Find a Job application in İstanbul, which is used by İstanbulites from all age groups.

Realized as the first step of Istanbul's digital transformation journey, the Istanbul Your application has attracted great interest since the first day it was opened. The city's Super Application, which was launched in November 2021, has achieved great success by exceeding the number of 1 million users. Bringing together all kinds of applications that Istanbulites need, Istanbul is Yours; It provides on-line access to many services, from transportation to bill payments, free İBB Wi-Fi, ordering Hamidiye Su, free trainings, live tracking of bus locations and arrival times.


Erol Naim Özgüner, Head of Information Technologies Department of IMM, commenting on the fact that Istanbul Your application has exceeded the number of 1 million users, stated that the application also has features that will turn Istanbul into a start-up center. Özgüner said, “Istanbul Sen, designed to make the life of 16 million Istanbulites easier, is an exemplary project for the whole world. Istanbul Seni, which has many different phases such as mobile payment and easy access to all İBB services from a single point, will become even stronger in the coming period. We are happy that the application has been downloaded by more than 1 million people. The intense interest of Istanbulites encourages us to do more every day.”


In addition to one-click access to IMM services, Istanbul Your application also provides employment opportunities with the "Search for a Job, Find a Job" mini application. 200 Istanbul residents applied for the IMM's Regional Employment Office access points and the mini application integrated with them. 64 thousand Istanbulites were able to find employment opportunities.

In addition, through the Istanbul Your application; İBB Young University Education Assistance, Just So You Can Read, Lesson Workshops, 100 Female Software Developers, Institute Istanbul İSMEK course applications can also be made easily. Istanbul residents who use the application can also benefit from the campaigns and offers offered to them. While users have a 25 percent discount for their shopping in Istanbul Bookstores, they benefit from a 20 percent discount at the Kemerburgaz Kent Ormanı car park. Istanbul Your application can be accessed from the link

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