Istanbul Coffee Festival Starts With Türk Telekom Prime Privileges

Istanbul Coffee Festival Starts With Turk Telekom Prime Privileges
Istanbul Coffee Festival Starts With Türk Telekom Prime Privileges

Istanbul Coffee Festival, the autumn event that adds color to the city, begins. The event, which will host its visitors in KüçükÇiftlik Park Istanbul with Türk Telekom Prime privileges, will host concerts of more than 25 famous artists, as well as special tastings, treats, workshops and barista shows, and will provide pleasant moments to coffee lovers.

Istanbul Coffee Festival, which is the communication and stage sponsor of Türk Telekom Prime, the brand of Türk Telekom that provides privileged services, will meet with Türk Telekom Prime customers at KüçükÇiftlik Park Istanbul with 50 percent discounted tickets and the privilege of entering without waiting in line at the special door.

Live art performances, workshops, tastings…

At the Istanbul Coffee Festival, which will be held with the communication and stage sponsorship of Türk Telekom Prime, visitors will meet with Istanbul's well-known coffee brands, coffee beans and coffee machine manufacturers and will have the chance to taste coffee flavors and special design products. The festival will also include workshops and seminars.

Famous names will be hosted at Türk Telekom Prime Stage

Istanbul Coffee Festival will bring together the quality of coffee and life culture with the texture of the city and offer visitors a unique festival experience with coffee at its center. Coffee lovers will enjoy entertaining moments with surprise gifts, treats and award-winning competitions at Türk Telekom Prime Lounge. During the festival, more than 25 famous artists and groups will take the stage at Türk Telekom Prime Stage.

Türk Telekom Prime customers who want to attend the festival will be able to buy their tickets on Türk Telekom Prime members will be able to get 6262 percent discounted tickets by typing PRIME KAHVE TCKN and sending a message to 50.

There is a session application in Istanbul Coffee Festival tickets. Session details are below;

Full-day tickets cover the hours of 10:00-20:00.

Session 10:00-14:00
Session 15:00-20:00

Türk Telekom Prime Stage Artist List

06.10.2022 Thursday

KÖFN- 18:00

Kolpa- 19:00

07.10.2022 Friday

Can Ozan- 18:00

Flu- 19:00

08.10.2022 Saturday

Anil Emre Daldal- 18:00

Can Bonomo- 19:00

09.10.2022 Sunday

Atakan Celik- 17:00

Deeperise & Pınar Süer- 18:00

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