How Much is Ziraat Bank Retirement Promotion? When is the Retirement Promotion Payment?

Ziraat Bankasi Retirement Promotion How Much Retirement Promotion Payment When
Ziraat Bank Retirement Promotion How Much Retirement Promotion Payment When

SGK included explanations about bank promotions for retirement. Important developments are taking place in promotional payments, which are on the agenda of retirees. SGK has published a new statement regarding bank pension promotions. SGK announced that the amount of promotion paid in public banks was increased to 3 thousand TL for 5 years. Which bank gives how much promotion? The question has been started to be investigated with great curiosity.

Public banks were also included in the promotion races. The Social Security Institution (SGK) announced that the promotion paid in public banks was increased to 5 thousand liras for three years. Private banks paid a promotional fee of up to 7500 TL.

In the statement made by the SSI, it was reminded that the protocols regarding the promotional payments for pensioners and beneficiaries signed in March 2020 between the institution and the banks will be updated on 1 November 2022.


The statement made by Ziraat Bank is as follows:

  • To our customers who receive their SGK (Emekli Fund, SSK, Bağ-Kur) pension payments through our Bank, by our Bank;
  • 3.500 TL for those who receive a pension under 3.000 TL,
  • 3.500 TL for those who receive a pension between 7.500 TL and 3.500 TL,
  • 7.500 TL for those who receive a pension between 10.000 TL and 4.500 TL,
  • 10.000 TL for those who receive a pension over 5.000 TL,

A 3-year advance promotion payment is made. Applications of our customers can be received without returning the ongoing promotion amounts for 2020, and the refund amount for the previous period will be systematically deducted when making the 2022 promotion payment.

In order to be able to pay the offers of the banks, retirees and beneficiaries must request and sign a commitment to receive income/salary from the bank within 3 years.

In the statement, it was stated that “The determined amounts are minimum and the banks will be able to increase the promotion amounts in line with their own practices”.


Applications started as of 18.10.2022. Promotional payments will be made as of 01.11.2022.
In order for our customers, who receive their pensions through our Bank, to benefit from the promotion payment, it is sufficient to apply to receive their salary payments through our Bank for 3 years.

Promotion amount to be paid for our customers who receive more than one pension payment from our bank; Salary amounts are calculated based on the total.


Those who have completed the 3-year commitment period and are newly retired can deposit their salaries in the bank of their choice. If there is no restriction on salary payment, retirees can get salary from banks they wish. You can do this via e-Government.

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