Historic Day in Ordu: The First Ro-Ro Ship Takes Off from Ünye Port

The First Ro Ro Ship Export Has Begun From The Historical Gun Unye Port In The Army
First Ro-Ro Ship Export Started from Ünye Port on Historical Day in Ordu

The army experienced one of the most important days in its history. A ceremony was held for the first Ro-Ro expedition to export abroad in Ünye Port, whose capacity was increased with the efforts of the Metropolitan Municipality and reached national and international competence. Stating that Ünye Port will gain great momentum with the Ro-Ro export, the first of which was realized with trucks carrying vegetables and fruits from the Aegean, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, “Here, we are carrying out the first Ro-Ro expeditions where we will load trucks instead of crates. From now on, we will load the trucks on Ro-Ro ships without unloading them and send them to the desired destination. I hope this port will be the leader of both the Black Sea and Turkey.”

Unye Port, which was taken into maintenance and enlarged by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality due to its quay length and depth being unsuitable for the entrance of high-tonnage ships, started to host Ro-Ro ships with high tonnage and carrying wheeled vehicles such as truck transportation after extensive studies.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. A ceremony was held before the first Ro-Ro export to Russia after the expansion and capacity increase at Ünye Port, which Mehmet Hilmi Güler attaches great importance to.


Speaking at the ceremony held with the protocol members and a very intense participation, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said that the Army will never forget September 30th.

Stating that they have turned the Unye Port into a full-fledged port and giving the good news of the Mediterranean-Black Sea route, Mayor Güler said, “I would like to give the good news of the Ünye-Akkuş-Niksar road, its tender is about to end. From now on, Turkey will have gained a new Mediterranean-Black Sea vein, its artery. This has been said for years as an election promise. We kept our word. As a man of his word, our President is now fulfilling that promise today. We will not forget September 30 here. Because here, a great channel connecting the Mediterranean to the Black Sea has been realized. These are not people who deal with 'checks' and 'caks' verbally. Today we accomplished something very important. Previously, cement and bentonite were loaded at Ünye Port. Coming in and out would not be obvious. We took care of our property here. For 33 years, we have added 150 meters to the 130-meter port and increased it to 280 meters. What does it mean. Previously, only one ship was docking and the other ships were waiting their turn in the open. This was both an expense and a waste of time. We got ahead of it. We have turned it into a very nice full-fledged port,” he said.


Pointing out that the Ünye Port will become one of the leading ports of both the Black Sea and Turkey with the first Ro-Ro voyage, President Güler said:

“Here, we are carrying out the first of the Ro-Ro expeditions where we will load trucks instead of crates. From now on, we will load the trucks on Ro-Ro ships without unloading them and send them to the desired destination. The target is Russia today. The flagship leader will take its cargo and move to Russia. I hope this port will be the leader of both the Black Sea and Turkey. At the same time, the road we have given the good news, this vein is the shortest way connecting the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. It is shorter than the road from both Trabzon and Samsun. We earn 2,5 hours from one and 5 hours from the other. The annual capacity of this place will be 10 thousand trucks. We also created an 80-decare truck area here. 110 trucks can be loaded at the same time. We will make this a logistics center. This place will not only be the port of Ünye, but also of Tokat, Sivas and Kayseri. Because the import and export of the 41 provinces between Ünye on one side and Mersin on the other will be either from Ünye or Mersin. This is something very important”


Emphasizing that they will increase the capacity of Ünye Port and stating that they aim to make it a world-class port, President Güler concluded his words as follows:

“We increased the capacity from 1 million 500 thousand tons to 15 million tons. We will further expand this port. We will increase the port project area from 4 thousand 500 square meters to 600 thousand square meters. Therefore, this project will be one of the world's leading ports not only for Ordu but also for Turkey. In other words, we are going to the world league, not the Super League from here. Here we will do container loading after Ro-Ro. Ordu is the world's largest hazelnut producer. The army will produce the most hazelnuts in the world, but it will not be able to transport hazelnuts from the sea. This is not going to happen. Only hazelnuts from Ordu are not transported from the sea. We will do that too.”


Participating in the program and making a speech, Istanbul Deputy Tülay Kaynarca, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Dr. He stated that Mehmet Hilmi Güler broke new ground.

Reminding that no success is a coincidence, Kaynarca said, “It is really a wonderful start that concerns not only Ünye and Ordu but the whole region, the Black Sea, and Turkey. A long time ago is happening. I wish you good luck. A very nice investment determined by our esteemed Metropolitan Mayor has been organized and we are now together at the first loading ceremony. No success is accidental. There is a labor in each of them and a sweat in each of them. I am an Istanbul deputy, an Ordu bride, I am here, but I know the work, sweat, energy and sacrifices of my precious Metropolitan Mayor from Istanbul. My constituency, Silivri, won the first natural gas when our president was the energy minister. Just like the first time there, just like the wonderful foundations laid in the ministry, if there is an energy in natural gas today, I say for the Black Sea of ​​the energy ministry, it was the effort built on the foundations laid at that time. God bless you. Our path is precious. This journey is invaluable. Our companionship in this journey is very valuable. May Allah make our way clear. Congratulations on our first loading ceremony," he said.


Yaşar Şanlıtürk, CEO of the Lider ship, which will carry out the first Ro-Ro voyage, said in his speech, “I am proud to carry out the first Ro-Ro transportation here today. Together with the Ro-Ro transportation we have made, we will make a great contribution to the economy of Ordu. Our Honorable Mayor, Dr. Our first conversation with Mehmet Hilmi Güler on this subject was in Istanbul. Our concern is to serve the economy of our country. If there is a country, we are there. If the ports in the countries are working well, those countries are definitely developed. Trabzon, Samsun port, which has been around us, has a great contribution to the economy today. Why shouldn't this contribution be in an Army? When we met with our esteemed minister, he told me that the length of the pier would be enlarged. I wish this work to be beneficial for the Army.”


After the ceremony, the Ro-Ro ship, which will transport the vegetables and fruits brought from the Aegean to Ordu by trucks, to Russia, was loaded onto the ship with the ribbon cut after the prayer.


The fact that Ünye Port is at the middle point of the Central and Eastern Black Sea provinces in terms of population will reduce both foreign and domestic trade logistics costs and increase the trade volume of Ordu. Maritime trade will continue without interruption with the Ünye Port, which will gain momentum by combining with strategic routes such as the Black Sea-Mediterranean and Ünye-Akkuş-Niksar Road. Thus, Ünye Port will be brought on equal terms like other existing ports and will significantly shape both the provincial economy and the regional economy.

On the other hand, the port, which will directly affect factors such as logistics and industry, will also contribute to employment.

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