Uyum Academy Summer Internship School Achievement Certificates Given

Uyum Academy Summer Internship School Achievement Certificates Given
Uyum Academy Summer Internship School Achievement Certificates Given

The Uyum Academy 14. Summer Internship School Certificates, organized by Uyumsoft for university students, have found their owners. With the cooperation of Yıldız Technical University (YTU), Yıldız Teknopark and Uyumsoft Information Systems and Technologies Inc., 14 students from 26 universities across our country attended the 97th Uyum Academy Summer Internship School, and those who successfully completed the training received their certificates.

Providing information about the Summer Internship School, Adaptation Academy Officer Tarık Dağ said: “To the software internship group, C#, ASP. NET, we provide SQL training. We teach financial affairs, material logistics, production, HR modules in Uyumsoft ERP to the industrial internship group. We create our internship training program with the support of Uyumsoft experts and academics. The software group has the opportunity to learn new languages ​​or have the opportunity to make projects in the languages ​​they know. The industry group, on the other hand, learns about the Erp software that they will come across in all areas of business life and the benefits they will gain in business life. In addition, we held meetings with 2 companies in their fields with 4 of our groups. Our solution partners and customers in the Uyumsoft ecosystem are in high demand for Uyumsoft certified interns who have successfully completed the summer internship school. Our interns also start work at Uyumsoft, our business-solution partners or our customers.” said.

The subjects learned in undergraduate education come to a usable level.

Yıldız Technical University (YTU) Instructor Dr. Ahmet Elbir said:

“During the internship school, necessary theoretical and practical training was provided for the analysis, design, implementation and implementation of web-based information and management systems, which are widely used today, with C# programming language. After this training, the trainees proposed a project for a small-scale information and management system that is needed in daily life. After the acceptance of the project proposal, they completed the requirements analysis, database design, usage scenarios, object-oriented design and analysis, interface design and implementation of an internet program in accordance with the MVC design pattern criteria. In this way, the interns gained experience in many of the processes in software projects, and they came to a level where they could use the subjects they learned in their undergraduate education in line with the needs of the industry.” he said.

The training is comprehensively designed, combining theoretical and practical knowledge.

Providing information about the Uyum Academy Summer Internship School activities, Marmara University Engineering Faculty Industrial Engineering Department Prof. Dr. Ercan Öztemel told the following:

“Uyumsoft continues to contribute to the increase in the quality of education and training at universities and the development of students' ability to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical life. In order to contribute to this goal, Uyum Academy completed the internship program of mostly industrial and computer engineering students this year. The online execution of the program allowed students from different universities in Turkey to participate in this program. Compared to last year, 30% more students were offered internship opportunities. Students had the chance to see how enterprise resource planning and business solution software are developed, as well as how business processes are analyzed and managed by these programs, and to internalize the subject by experimenting on the system. As one of Uyumsoft management consultants, I can say that an even more successful program has been created compared to previous years. Another feature of the internship program is that the students who attend the program regularly and are successful have the opportunity to find a job both in the relevant units of Uyumsoft, business - solution partners and the customers of Uyumsoft. In this context, a close relationship is maintained with customer institutions and successful students are referenced. Uyum Academy summer internship school is also a social responsibility project. I think it is an important initiative, especially for students studying in Anatolia and having difficulties in establishing relationships with businesses. The applied program, on the other hand, has been designed in a comprehensive structure with the aim of combining theoretical and practical knowledge in all its aspects. A student from Marmara University who participated in the program stated that “Uyumsoft internship school is an important door for him to step into industrial life” is an important proof of the success of the program. I believe that the other participating students think the same way. I congratulate the successful program of Uyum Academy and wish that the quality of the program will continue to increase. I congratulate all employees who support and run the program, especially Uyumsoft managers.” he said.

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