Good News for Caravans from Sönmez Outdoor!

Good News for Caravans from Sönmez Outdoor!
Good News for Caravans from Sönmez Outdoor!

It draws attention with its R & D studies for outdoor activities and produces quality products with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. Sonmez Outdoorhas designed a brand new product for campers. Developed with an innovative perspective against traditional awnings, inflatable caravan awning models increase the space in the vehicles and take the comfort level to the next level. These products produced in Turkey are spreading rapidly to other continents, especially Europe and America!

Sönmez Outdoor: Inflatable Caravan Tent Increases Comfort Level

Designed by Sönmez Outdoor, one of the experienced companies in the sector. Inflatable Caravan Tent models have the distinction of being the first study in this field. Inflatable caravan tents, which bring a new perspective to outdoor products, emerged as a result of the company's R & D studies. These tents, which are attracting more and more attention with each passing day, offer a high level of comfort experience for those who want to get away from the city life and immerse themselves in the peaceful atmosphere of nature.

The biggest plus of the Inflatable Caravan Tent models is that they offer a living space to the users. These tents, which are made of quality materials, are resistant to weather conditions as they have a more robust structure compared to traditional awnings. Caravan owners can increase their living spaces and create a more enjoyable environment in their accommodation areas by taking advantage of the Inflatable Caravan Tent models.

It Offers Almost Home Comfort

Unlike traditional tent and awning models, Sönmez Outdoor Inflatable Caravan Tents, which are set up with the help of a hand pump, are set up in minutes. Thanks to these tents, which can be set up right next to the caravan, you can have a new and wide living space. Transparent sunroofs at many points of the tent ensure that the environment is bright and at the same time spacious. Caravan owners can also use this product as a winter garden, awning, shade and tent.

Sonmez Outdoor Inflatable Caravan Tents, which are produced in Turkey and sold to many countries and reach more and more users every day, can be used at any time of the year thanks to their waterproof feature. Doors and windows are extra protected against rain. It also has suitable features for setting up a camping stove in cold weather.

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