Gamer Arena Opens to the World with GAU Token

Gamer Arena Opens to the World with GAU Token
Gamer Arena Opens to the World with GAU Token

Gamer Arena, Turkey's largest and most active competitive gaming platform with over 400.000 users, is opening its own cryptocurrency GAU Token to overseas markets. GAU Token, which has been traded in Turkey for about a year, will first be listed on Dexalot, one of the most popular decentralized exchanges, on November 9, and then again in November, another crypto currency that will be at the top of the world's most reputable crypto currency index CoinMarketCap. It is globalizing by being more traded on the stock market.

While the popular gaming platform Gamer Arena is growing rapidly in Turkey with its own cryptocurrency GAU Token, it has recently started to be traded on foreign exchanges. Gamer Arena, which ignites the sense of competition of the players with free duels, increases the number of users day by day by making the biggest dream of all players, "the opportunity to earn money by playing games", with paid duels. Players can convert the GAU Token, the cryptocurrency they earn on the platform, into cash on cryptocurrency exchanges at any time.

An important step in the overseas expansion of Gamer Arena will be completed with the trading of GAU Token, which has been traded only on Icrypex in Turkey for the last year, in foreign markets. With this listing, Gamer Arena will also begin to take its place among global gaming platforms.

Gamer Arena in Global Gaming World with GAU Token!

Evaluating the globalization move of GAU Token, Gamer Arena Co-Founder and CEO Kerim Yılmaz said, “Turkey is a globally important country in terms of the gaming industry. There are important games exported from our country abroad. At the point reached today, we are among the first in Europe in game development and export. In addition to the games of local developers, Gamer Arena is Turkey's largest game platform where many popular and global games are played in a competitive environment.

At the same time, the fact that we will be traded on the top exchanges of CoinMarketCap, one of the most reputable crypto currency indexes in the world, is an important indicator of the global trust in GAU Token and Gamer Arena. By opening our cryptocurrency to global reach, we are actually exporting Gamer Arena to the global gaming market. In this way, we open our platform to global players, increase the player population and competition, and create a more enjoyable and profitable environment for the players.”

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