Serbian Fairytale Places with Nature

Fairytale Places of Serbia that Makes Head With Nature
Serbian Fairytale Places with Nature

Medieval monasteries, exciting mountain and lake views, parks where the unique colors of autumn can be watched together… With its natural beauties, Serbia has always been among the indispensable addresses of travelers and family vacationers. promises.

Medieval monasteries, exciting mountain and lake views, parks where the unique colors of autumn can be watched together… With its natural beauties, Serbia has always been among the indispensable addresses of travelers and family vacationers. promises. Don't forget to add at least a few of these places to your holiday itinerary this year.

Djerdap National Park

One of the places where the Danube River, Europe's second longest river, forms the most remarkable compositions among the different countries it passes through, is undoubtedly Serbia. For this, it is enough to see the Djerdap National Park once, which forms a border with Romania in the north-east of the country. Spreading over 63 thousand acres, this national park is famous for hosting many plant and animal species as well as cultural and natural beauties.

The impressive gorge made by the river between the Carpathian Mountains is popularly known as the Iron Gates. With its lakes, canyons, valleys and ancient castles, the Iron Gates of the Danube is one of the most attractive and largest passages in Europe.

Prskalo Waterfall

One of Serbia's truly unique natural wonders is the Prskalo Waterfall, located on Mount Kuchaj in Eastern Serbia. Resembling a tall stone sculpture in appearance, the waterfall offers a visual feast to its visitors with the unique meeting of water and limestone. Prskalo Waterfall, which can be reached by passing through a long and partially difficult forest road; It is located in the Resava region, which is famous for its monasteries and caves and is quite touristic.

Uvac Canyon

Everyone, without exception, who sees the Uvac River for the first time, is amazed by the lush green color of the river. Curving through limestone rocks, the Uvac River is also the lifeblood of the 75 square kilometer Uvac Nature Reserve. Especially breathtaking to watch from a bird's eye view, the canyon has hiking trails and bird watching points ranging from 2 kilometers to 10 kilometers. The canyon can be visited in two different ways, boat tour and hiking, and it is necessary to make a reservation in advance for guided tours.

Topcider Park

Topcider Park, which is the escape point of Belgraders to relax and integrate with nature, is like an oasis in the middle of the city. In this oldest park of Belgrade, located in the valley of the Topcider River, it is possible to enjoy the greenery, peace and fully preserved nature and have a picnic. There is also a palace in the park from the period when Prince Milos Obrenovic lived. After visiting the palace, which is now part of the Serbian History Museum, be sure to visit the protected tree right in front of the building. The park is home to the oldest platan trees in all of Europe, one of which was planted while the building was being built.

Djavolja Varos

Now we will talk about a formation that is a candidate to be one of the new natural wonders of the world. The name of this natural wonder, which was formed by the combination of stone structures formed as a result of erosion and high minerals water, is Devil's Town, that is, the City of the Devil. It is not possible to remain indifferent to Djavolja Varos, where both this rare nature formation and the valleys inside (Devil's Valley and Hell's Valley) are creepy even with their names alone. There are many legends circulating about it because it resembles a group of people in shape; we think the most famous one is that two people who are about to enter the world house by the order of the devil were turned into stone together with the guests who attended the wedding. Keep in mind, if you ever think of coming back here after visiting Djavolja Varos, make sure to drink the water from the springs in the region, because according to another legend, those who drank from these springs would definitely return here.

Ovčar-Kablar Valley

Another region protected by Serbia is this valley, which is famous for its healing springs, the rich vegetation of the Ovčar and Kablar Mountains, and historical monasteries, where the West Morava River comes to life. The valley, which is indisputably one of the most beautiful places in the country, is definitely on the route of all travelers with its clean air and the experiences it offers to its visitors. The monasteries hidden on the slopes of the steep mountains make this trip even more fascinating.

Croupage Spa

This time we will talk about a paradise hidden in the untouched nature of Mount Beljanica. Krupaj Hot Spring, which is also defined as an “ecological oasis” with its structure and appearance, is a karstic spring exactly 220 meters above sea level. The road to reach the spa is beautiful; After a magnificent nature walk accompanied by old watermills, ponds, narrow gorges and hills, you will reach the Krupaj Hot Spring, which is hidden among the vines and trees. The first thing that catches your attention will undoubtedly be its clear turquoise water. There are also many legends circulating about the thermal spring, where thermo-mineral and spring waters from Kruupage springs heal. Let's just say one of them; It is said that there is a golden cave right under the lake and a valuable treasure lies inside the cave. It is not known how true this is, but when you see the Krupaj Hot Spring, you realize that this ecological oasis is actually the treasure itself!

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