Campaign Winning Cyprus Holiday and Fuel Check from ELF

Cyprus Holiday and Fuel Check Campaign from ELF
Campaign Winning Cyprus Holiday and Fuel Check from ELF

Operating in the mineral oil sector in Turkey for more than 30 years, TotalEnergies Turkey Pazarlama continues to offer advantages to those who prefer the ELF brand. The second campaign is starting for the purchase of ELF Evolution Full-Tech LLX engine oil, produced with ELF synthetic technology and approved by leading German vehicle manufacturers.

Within the scope of the ELF LLX campaign, which will continue between October 15 and November 30, by purchasing at least 45 boxes of ELF Evolution Full-Tech LLX 5W-30 5L at one time from regional distributors, the first 50 customers who make the most purchases will win a 2-night 3-day Cyprus holiday. A fuel check of 50 thousand 45 TL is waiting for customers who follow 3 people and purchase 500 boxes or more at a time, and a fuel check of 10 TL for those who prefer 5 boxes of ELF Evolution Full-Tech LLX 30W-5 600L at once.

TotalEnergies Turkey Marketing Commercial Director Mehmet Selçuk said, “Our masters showed great interest in the first campaign we organized as TotalEnergies Turkey Pazarlama between May and July this year. We believe that our second campaign will receive as much attention as the first. ELF has been a major player in motor oils worldwide for over 50 years. Passion, technological expertise and first-class product culture are the core values ​​that make ELF a legendary brand. Approved by leading German vehicle manufacturers, ELF Evolution Full-Tech LLX 5W-30 engine oil is also environmentally friendly. ELF engine oils, which provide long engine life and fuel economy, ensure a high reduction of polluting emissions thanks to their low sulfur, ash and phosphorus ratios. Thanks to its high-tech additives, it provides excellent wear protection to the engine, while keeping the cleanliness of the engine at the maximum with its superior detergent and dispersion properties.

Commercial enterprises wishing to benefit from the campaign can get detailed information by contacting the authorized TotalEnergies distributors whose contact information is available on the website.

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