EGİAD Completed Check-Up Project for Energy

EGIAD Completed Check Up Project for Energy
EGİAD Completed Check-Up Project for Energy

EGİAD The evaluation carried out in voluntary companies within the scope of the Energy Check-Up Project has been concluded. With the participation of Setaş Energy Chairman of the Board Oğuz Sertaç Yılmaz and Board Member Gülsüm Nilay Teker EGİAD Member business people attended the evaluation meeting held at the Association Headquarters.

EGİAD; In today's world, where energy resources are rapidly depleted and energy saving is of great importance for a sustainable world, it has taken an important step to put a stop to energy waste. Aegean Young Businessmen Association, which draws attention to the great need for the Energy Check-up Project in Turkey, which imports most of its energy and is a foreign-dependent country for energy. EGİAD, concluded the Energy Check-Up Project signed with SETAŞ Energy.

Seeking solutions to prevent the business world from getting stuck due to increasing energy costs. EGİAD – Aegean Young Businessmen Association provided the opportunity for its members to evaluate energy check-ups within the framework of the protocol signed with Setaş Energy company in order to draw attention to energy savings and raise awareness within the framework of the member companies with the “Energy Check-Up” project. EGİAD President Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer stated that everyone has a great responsibility for the more efficient use of energy. EGİADAlp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sertaç Yılmaz, General Manager of Setaş Energy, and members attended the result evaluation meeting held at the headquarters of .

Speaking at the ceremony EGİAD Chairman of the Board of Directors Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer pointed out that resources are being depleted rapidly and energy saving is of great importance for a sustainable world, and said, “Energy saving is of great importance for all of us. As the energy deficit grew as a result of global warming, industrialization and increasing world population, energy resources were rapidly depleted accordingly. The Ukraine-Russia war also increased these costs. Everyone has great responsibilities to overcome the energy bottleneck and to use energy more efficiently. EGİADContinuity between periods is essential. We are very happy to repeat our energy checkup project, which was carried out in the 12th Term 2013”.

Emphasizing that the need for energy is increasing day by day, Yelkenbiçer pointed out that this increase is due to necessity and arbitrary use on the one hand, and said, “As a result, more energy use brings the risk of rapid depletion of resources, deterioration of the environment, and our country's dependence on foreign energy in terms of energy. Unfortunately, we see the negative effects of climate change in our daily lives. Energy efficiency is also one of the most important areas of coping with the global climate crisis. Preventing unnecessary energy consumption by using energy efficiently is an environmental action in itself. Likewise, it is a very effective method to reduce harmful gases that cause climate change. Therefore, although economic gains come to mind first because of the word efficiency, energy efficiency has a very strategic importance from an ecological point of view. In this sense, I think, this cooperation, which has been made suitable for the present in the light of new technologies and new legal regulations, is very valuable. I hope that all our sustainability efforts during this period will contribute to our members, our region and our country.”

Resources Are Depleted

Stating that there is a great need for the Energy Check-up Project, Yelkenbiçer said: “As energy resources are depleted, energy prices increase rapidly. Therefore, the importance and necessity of energy saving emerges as a concept that is better understood with each passing day. The “Energy Check-Up” project, which we created to reduce production costs and increase competitiveness, was realized for this purpose. In this context, by collaborating with Setaş Energy, an accredited company located in İzmir, we have initiated an important service where our members will not pay any price for more efficient energy use and savings. Within the scope of the project, energy check-up activities were carried out free of charge in the companies of our members, and there were serious increases in energy efficiency on a corporate basis.”

Competitiveness Will Increase

Sertaç Yılmaz, General Manager of Setaş Energy, pointed out that energy efficiency increases competitiveness and said,EGİAD With this project, it has put itself there as an association with high environmental awareness. It has proven once again that it is a sensitive non-governmental organization in this regard. With this project, we will create a new energy perspective that is more efficient and beneficial to the company, the factory and the world from the ground up to the top.”

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