Bursa to Host 'Being a Woman in the Turkish World' Congress

Bursa to Host 'Being a Woman in the Turkish World' Congress
Bursa to Host 'Being a Woman in the Turkish World' Congress

Bursa, the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World, will host the International Women's Studies Congress with the theme of 'Being a Woman in the Turkic World' on December 5, International Women's Rights Day.

Due to Bursa being the 2022 Turkish World Cultural Capital, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has carried out numerous events that center the Turkish world this year, will now discuss women's studies in the Turkish world with a congress. At the congress organized by the Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with the Uludağ University Women and Family Studies Application and Research Center, women's studies in different disciplines will be discussed from an academic perspective, and awareness will be raised on the meaning and importance of the day together with institutions, organizations and NGOs that produce services in the field of women. The congress themed 'Being a Woman in the Turkish World', which will start on December 5, International Women's Rights Day, which is an important date for Turkish women, given the right to vote and be elected with the law amendment made in the Constitution and Election Law, will last for two days.

Emine Yavuz Gözgeç, Member of the Parliamentary Justice Commission and Bursa Deputy, Ganire Paşayeva, Chairman of the Azerbaijan National Assembly Culture Commission, and Hacettepe University Faculty of Letters, Sociology Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. After the opening ceremony to be held with the participation of Aylin Görgün Baran, academics from different countries of the Turkish world will talk about 'women's studies in the Turkish world'.

Vice-Chancellor of Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University Prof. Dr. Zhanar Rysbekova 'The Formation of the Identity of a Woman Leader', Assoc. Dr. Sakine Qaybaliyeva 'Women in Azerbaijan Folklore' and Assoc. Dr. Masoumeh Daei will make presentations on 'Women's Political Social Participation in the Iranian Constitutional Revolution'.

Associate Professor of Gagauz Language and History at Comrat State University. Dr. Liubov Çimpoeş 'Gagauz Women, the Problems of the Modern Era and Their Coping and Solutions', Assoc. Dr. Gulnoza Juraeva 'Women's Rights in Uzbekistan', from Istanbul University Turkish Language and Literature Department, Dr. Instructor Gülnara Seitvaniyeva 'The Development of the Women's Movement in Russian Muslims and the Role of İsmail Gaspıralı', from Ankara University Faculty of Theology, Department of Sociology of Religion. Aziza Ergeshkyzy's presentation on 'The Place of Women in Today's Kyrgyz Society' and Researcher Writer Ogholmaya Samıezadeh will emphasize 'the place of women in the Turkish world' with her presentation on 'Women's Rights in Turkmenistan'.

Congress, Bursa Uludag University Prof. Dr. It will be held on 5-6 December 2022 at the Mete Cengiz Cultural Center.

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