Breastfeeding Protects Maternal Health

Breastfeeding Protects Maternal Health
Breastfeeding Protects Maternal Health

Medicana Sivas Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Nadir Cömert drew attention to the importance of breastfeeding for the baby's development and mother's health.

Stating that breastfeeding helps to establish a special bond between the mother and the baby, Cömert said that the increased level of oxytocin hormone during breastfeeding provides important physiological changes in the mother's brain.

Emphasizing that breastfeeding protects maternal health, Cömert said, “It reduces the risk of breast, uterus, ovarian cancer and osteoporosis. Low estrogen level during breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer. Studies show that women who give birth before age 30 and breastfeed for a year or more have a significantly reduced risk of developing ovarian cancer.” used his statements.

Stating that breastfeeding reduces the incidence of osteoporosis in mothers, Cömert said, "Especially in the first six months, it was determined that procollegen, carboxyl peptide increased, and bone destruction components were shown to regress." said.

Cömert stated that a woman can be protected from pregnancy for 10 weeks with regular breastfeeding and said, “In non-breastfeeding mothers, pregnancy can occur six weeks after birth. Breastfeeding accelerates the mother's postpartum recovery process. The hormone oxytocin released increases the contractions of the mother's uterus and reduces the bleeding of the mother who gives birth. Since the bleeding is less in mothers, complaints such as fatigue, palpitation and fatigue are less common in the long term. he said.

Emphasizing that breastfeeding mothers lose weight more easily after giving birth, Cömert said, "Breastfeeding increases the mother's daily energy requirement by about 500 calories, some of this increased calorie need is met from the mother's food, while some of it is met from the fats stored during pregnancy. This leads to the loss of excess weight that the mother gained during pregnancy.” used his statements.

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