BMW M's 50th Anniversary Celebrated with a Special Event

BMW Minth Anniversary Celebrated with a Special Event
BMW M's 50th Anniversary Celebrated with a Special Event

BMW M, the high performance brand of BMW, of which Borusan Otomotiv is the Turkey distributor, continued its 50th anniversary celebrations with the “M Passionate Driving Days” held at the Intercity Istanbul Park Race Track. The new BMW M4 CSL, which was produced in limited numbers, made its debut in Turkey at the adrenaline-filled event, where the participants had the opportunity to drive high-performance M models with three different rides: drift track, time track and track track.

At the event organized by Borusan Automotive and BMW Turkey for the 50th anniversary of BMW M at Intercity Istanbul Park Track, the participants took part in the drift, time and track tracks specially prepared by Turkish and German trainers, including the BMW M3 Competition M xDrive Sedan, the BMW M8 Competition M xDrive. The coupé had the opportunity to drive the BMW M4 Competition M xDrive Coupé and the first fully electric M car, the BMW i4 M50, at high speed limits.

New BMW M4 CSL Intercity at Istanbul Park

One of BMW's most special cars, the limited production New BMW M4 CSL, which was introduced at Concorso d'Eleganza last summer, made its debut in Turkey for the 50th anniversary of the BMW M brand, and Jeff, who appeared before art lovers at Contemporary Istanbul. Very special M cars, such as the BMW M850i ​​xDrive Gran Coupé by Koons, the first fully electric M car, the New BMW i4 M50 and the New BMW iX M60, also attracted great interest throughout the event.

BMW M's 50th Anniversary “M Club”

Launched in parallel with BMW M's 50th birthday celebrations, the M Club prepared by BMW for M car owners offers its members special privileges. Members included in M ​​Club; It will benefit from the rights such as seeing the new BMW M models coming to Turkey for the first time, priority in ordering the newly launched BMW M cars, free valet service for service transactions with the discount available at the BMW Lifestyle Shop. In addition to these rights, M Club members; M Club special customer line, experiential meeting days with BMW M Club members, special invitation to participate in track driving experience events in Turkey, global community platform exclusive to BMW M users, priority to participate in BMW M customer activities abroad, high-end sales consultant service and BMW M performance accessories throughout the year, such as special discounts will also benefit from different privileges.

BMW M3 Competition M xDrive Sedan

Combining BMW's high performance with seductive design, the New BMW M3 Competition Sedan M xDrive model stands out with its 3-liter 6-cylinder turbo engine, M xDrive traction system specially designed by the M department, and 8-speed M Steptronic transmission. Thanks to this engine, which produces 510 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque, the BMW M3 Competition Sedan M xDrive manages to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.5 seconds. The M xDrive traction system also allows the vehicle's power to be adjusted to the wheels to be transferred.

BMW M8 Competition M xDrive Coupé

With its iconic style, the BMW M8 Competition Coupé creates a new design language for BMW M cars, while strikingly displaying its dynamic performance. The luxurious and sporty details in its interior design create a privileged atmosphere. The 4.4-cylinder engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology, with an engine displacement of 8 liters, produces 625 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque. Completing 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 3.2 seconds, the BMW M8 Competition Coupé accelerates from 0 to 200 km/h in 10.6 seconds. There is also a Gran Coupé version of the BMW M8 Competition Coupé with a four-door body.

BMW M4 Competition M xDrive Coupé

Inspiring its class by combining sporty features, efficiency and daily use in a balanced way as well as its impressive design, the BMW M4 Competition M xDrive Coupé accelerates from 510 to 650 km/h in just 6 seconds thanks to its 0-cylinder M TwinPower Turbo engine producing 100 horsepower and 3.5 Nm torque. manages to get out. Thanks to the M xDrive traction system, the BMW M4 Competition M xDrive Coupé, which provides the opportunity to transfer power to the rear or all four wheels, promises the best driving in all conditions.

BMW i4 M50

Combining dynamic driving features with a modern, elegant and sporty design, BMW's first all-electric Gran Coupé model, the BMW i4, is presented to the participants at the event with the BMW i4 M50 version, the first fully electric M car. Thanks to the two electric motors on both the front and rear axles, the car, which produces 544 hp and 795 Nm of torque, accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.9 seconds. According to WLTP norms, the BMW i4 M50 offers a range of 510 km with a full charge.

The new BMW M4 CSL

The M3 CSL, presented in the E46 body code version of the latest BMW 3 Series, is back in the game. The car with a Roll Cage in the section with the rear seats; 2 seater and no backseats. The car's 4-liter M TwinPower Turbo 100-cylinder engine produces 3 horsepower, which is 6 kg lighter than the standard New BMW M550. Thus, the new M4 CSL accelerates from 8 to 0 km/h in 100 seconds and accelerates from 3.7-0 km/h in 200 seconds, thanks to the power transmitted to the rear wheels without loss with its 10.7-speed M Steptronic transmission.

The new BMW M850i ​​xDrive Gran Coupé (Jeff Koons X The 8)

The 8 X Jeff Koons, which came together with art and automobile lovers for the first time in Turkey at Contemporary Istanbul, took its place at M Driving days as part of M's 50th Anniversary. The BMW M99i ​​xDrive Gran Coupé design, which Jeff Koons describes as the 'Dream Car' and there are only 850 in the world, is a work of art. Painted with 200 hours of manual labor by teams of dozens of designers and engineers at BMW Group's factories in Dingolfing and Landshut, the car carries 11 different colors on its body, from blue to silver, from yellow to black. The colors of the highest quality leather details used inside the car are featured with BMW M's iconic red and blue tones representing the heroes of the comic book world.

Equipped with a 4.4-liter M TwinPower Turbocharged V8-cylinder engine, the car produces 530 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque. The new BMW M8i ​​xDrive Gran Coupé, which transfers its power to all four wheels thanks to the 850-speed Steptronic transmission, completes the 0-100 km / h acceleration in just 3.9 seconds.

BMW iX M60

The new BMW iX M60, the first fully electric SAV developed by the M Department of BMW's flagship in the field of electric mobility, the New BMW iX, stands out as the model that combines M cars with high-end luxury. With the power it receives from electric motors on both the front and rear axles, the New BMW iX M60 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds. Representing BMW's vision in electric mobility and featuring 5th generation eDrive technology, the electric motors located on the front and rear axles of the New BMW iX M60 produce 619 hp and 1015 Nm of torque. When the Launch Control feature of the new BMW iX M60 is activated in Sport Mode, the torque value increases to 1100 Nm.

The new BMW iX M60 is the first all-electric SAV model produced by the M Department.

The new BMW M240i xDrive Coupé

The new BMW M50i xDrive, which stands out for BMW enthusiasts with its 50:19 weight distribution and 240-inch wheels that increase road grip, also supports this feature with its all-wheel drive system. M steering wheel, M sport differential, M sport brakes and M adaptive suspension system are offered as standard. The model, which has a smart four-wheel drive system, draws attention with its 3.0-liter 6-cylinder turbocharged engine with 374 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque. The new BMW M0i xDrive Coupe, which accelerates from 100 to 4.3 km / h in 240 seconds, has a length of 4527 mm, a height of 1390 mm and a width of 1838 mm. The luggage capacity of the car is 390 liters.

BMW M235i xDrive Gran Coupe

BMW M235i xDrive Gran Coupé with a sporty interior and athletic exterior, M TwinPower Turbo with 306 horsepower and 450 Nm torque, 4-cylinder petrol engine, new pistons, larger turbocharger, optimized air intake redirection, high-performance cooling package and is equipped with the M exhaust system that opens and closes. With its control, BMW intelligent all-wheel drive xDrive system and four-door body, the BMW M235i xDrive Gran Coupé, which is as useful as it is performance, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds.

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