MoNE Persolin's Bank Promotion Amount Announced

MoNE Persolin's Bank Promotion Amount Announced
MoNE Persolin's Bank Promotion Amount Announced

According to the bank promotion contract, which was revised with Vakıflar Bankası upon the instruction of the Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer, the promotion fee was increased to 3 TL by paying an additional 22 TL to the personnel of the Ministry's central organization, who previously received 500 thousand TL.
The bank promotion agreement, valid from January 3, 1 and covering three years, with Vakıflar Bankası, where the salaries, wages and other payments of the personnel working in the central organization of the Ministry of National Education are paid, was updated again with the instruction of Minister Mahmut Özer.

Salary promotion increased to 25 thousand 500 liras

As a result of the negotiations with Vakıfbank Headquarters, the salary promotion contract, which will expire on 31 December 2023, has been revised by adding two years. Accordingly, the salary promotion was increased to 3 thousand 22 liras by paying an additional 500 thousand 25 liras in addition to the previous 500 thousand liras per staff member.

According to the contract signed with Vakıflar Bankası MEB branch, bank promotion fees will be deposited into the salary accounts of the personnel on 16 November 2022.

The personnel working in the provincial organization of the Ministry of National Education, on the other hand, carry out their work with the banks they have contracted with, in line with the previous decision of the provincial and district national education directorates they are affiliated with.

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