A First 'Crane Simulator Training' in Turkey

A First Simulator Crane Training in Turkey
A First 'Crane Simulator Training' in Turkey

Within the scope of the Logistics Vocational Training Center Project, the young people who completed the practical simulator crane operator training and the theoretical logistics and industrial equipment training were given their certificates at a ceremony.

Within the scope of Çukurova Development Agency (ÇKA) Social Development Support Program; Under the direction of Akdeniz Municipality, Mersin University, Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry and International Port Management Inc. (MIP) in cooperation; "Logistics Vocational Training Center Project Certificate Ceremony" was held.

Simulator crane training is a first in Turkey!

Mediterranean Mayor M. Mustafa Gültak, MEU Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Çamsarı, ÇKA Secretary General Ahmet Rıfat Duran, MIP Human Resources Manager Nuri Peker, at the ceremony attended by MTSO officials and bureaucrats, 100 hours of practical simulator supported port crane operator training and 40 hours of theoretical logistics and industrial equipment training, which is a first in Turkey. Certificates were given to 80 young people who will successfully complete them and become the crane operators of the future.

Gultak; “The simulator device we use in education is a first in Turkey”

Delivering a speech at the ceremony, President Gültak explained that they set out to train young people to have a profession with scientific training and modern equipment by providing simulator crane operator training in Mersin, one of the most important port cities of Turkey. President Gültak said, “First of all, we renovated the old emergency room of MEÜ Faculty of Medicine, which was worn out. There was a movement in the region and a liveliness in the tradesmen. Not only this training, we have also passed a project with a budget of 2,4 million on house and ornamental plants from ÇKA. This is a project where 22 women will be employed and the buyers will be ready. We got the authorization from the parliament, we are starting our project quickly. Therefore, that building will always be open to such projects.” President Gültak, who thanked the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank for their support to the projects realized in the Mediterranean, and the institutions and organizations that are the partners of the projects; “The simulator device we use in education is a first in Turkey. This is the first time such training is given. While people were talking about the 'metaverse', we brought this logic to Mersin for the first time. This project is one of the firsts of our municipality and it is a project for our young people to find a job.”

prof. Dr. pine; “You should not leave the project you started unfinished”

Mersin University Rector Prof. Dr. In his speech, Ahmet Çamsarı emphasized that they are one of the top 3 universities in Turkey that produce the most projects; He thanked President Gültak, who produced projects for the education, vocational training and employment of young people and women in the Mediterranean. prof. Dr. pine; “When I first came to Mersin, I said that this was a project dump. Everyone is talking about a project, but none of them have any results or clinical use. That's why you shouldn't stop what you started. Many ideas emerged in our discussions about the future of this centre. However, what we liked the most was the crane operator project with simulator. Because unemployment in Turkey hurts the most; the first is university graduate unemployment, and the second is youth unemployment”.

Peker; “A project that will contribute to the human resources of our industry”

In his speech, MIP Human Resources Manager Nuri Peker said, “We are pleased to be a part of the logistics vocational training project, which we believe will make a significant contribution to the human resources of our industry. Congratulations to all our trainees who were awarded the certificate. As MIP, we say at every opportunity that we believe in Turkey's advantageous position and its power-based potential. With this belief, we continue our investments that will add value to the country's economy and our region without slowing down. At the same time, we care about supporting projects that benefit the social development of our industry and our city.”

After the speeches, first a plaque ceremony, then 100 hours of practical simulator-supported port crane operator training and 40 hours of theoretical logistics and industrial equipment training were presented to the Mediterranean young people who successfully completed their professional qualifications and presented their certificates.

Günceleme: 14/10/2022 13:45

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