Who is Ahmet Kaya? Does Ahmet Kaya Have Children?

Who is Ahmet Kaya? Does Ahmet Kaya Have Children?

Who is Ahmet Kaya? Does Ahmet Kaya Have Children?

Today is the birthday of the famous artist Ahmet Kaya, who left his mark on a period with his songs. Ahmet Kaya, originally from Malatya, was born in 1957. Ahmet Kaya, who died of a heart attack in Paris at the age of 43, became the agenda on social media today. So who is Ahmet Kaya, who is his wife, does he have children?

The famous artist, who marked a period with his songs, became the agenda on social media on his birthday. Who is Ahmet Kaya? Where is Ahmet Kaya from? How did Ahmet Kaya die? At what age did Ahmet Kaya die? Where did Ahmet Kaya die? Questions such as these began to be searched on the Internet.

Ahmet Kaya, who is married to Gülten Kaya, has 2 daughters named Melis Kaya and Çiğdem Kaya.

Who is Ahmet Kaya: Ahmet Kaya was born in Malatya in 1957 as the fifth child of a Kurdish family. He is originally from Adıyaman. His father was a worker at the Sümerbank weaving factory. He attended primary school in Malatya. He met music at the age of six with the baglama that his father gave him. He started working in a store that sold records and cassettes in his remaining time from school. Due to his family's financial difficulties, he immigrated to Istanbul Kocamustafapaşa in 1972 and had to drop out of school. He worked as a peddler and apprenticed in various workplaces. During this period, he experienced the difficulties of moving from a small settlement to a big city and getting used to it.

How did Ahmet Kaya die?

Ahmet Kaya died of a heart attack one night in his home in the Porte de Versailles district of Paris, while recording his album Goodbye's Eye, on November 16, 2000. He was buried in Paris's Père Lachaise Cemetery, section 17, with a ceremony attended by over 2000 people on 30.000 November 71.

Throwing cutlery on stage: Ahmet Kaya said, “I want to sing and shoot a music video in Kurdish” at the “Top 10 Music Stars of the Year Competition” award ceremony organized by the Magazine Journalists Association on February 1999, 10.

Upon this, Serdar Ortaç took the stage and changed Sibel Can's “Padişah” song and sang “In this era, nobody is a sultan, not a ruler, not a sultan / All Turkey on the way of Atatürk / this land is not ours / your hands”, and then sang the 10th Anniversary March. The people in the hall protested Ahmet Kaya and even threw cutlery.

After this incident, Ahmet Kaya preferred to go abroad and died in Paris as a result of a heart attack on the morning of 16 November 2000.

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