Towards the End on the Roof of the Bus Terminal Collapsed in the Storm in Bursa

Towards the End in the Cover of the Bus Terminal Coken in the Storm in Bursa
Towards the End on the Roof of the Bus Terminal Collapsed in the Storm in Bursa

While life continues in its normal course at the Intercity Bus Terminal, whose roof collapsed due to the heavy rain and storm experienced on August 31st in Bursa, work on the repair of the roof continues rapidly.

A part of the roof of Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal, which was built in 1996, collapsed due to heavy rain and storm on 31 August. There were no injuries and only 3 vehicles were damaged in the incident. Necessary security measures are taken 'right after the incident' in order to avoid any problems in the entrance and exit of the bus terminal, while the repair work that has been started continues rapidly.

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş examined the work in the terminal with 'AK Party Osmangazi District President Ufuk Cömez'. President Aktaş, who received information about the works from the General Manager of BURULAŞ, Mehmet Kürşat Çapar, said, “It is a 26-year-old structure. Made with space roof system. After the event, the necessary technical investigations were made by both the university and non-governmental organizations. In order for life to continue with its normal flow, we started the manufacturing part. Because schools are open, summer vacation is over. September to October are the busiest months. Universities have also been opened, on the one hand, there is the intensity that this has given. Necessary measures were taken. We talked to our aggrieved shopkeepers about rent aid. But we will make revisions and continue the necessary support and contribution to what we can do. It has a roof size of 12 thousand 500 square meters. Hopefully, we have received a commitment from the company regarding the completion of all work and transactions by October 15. It is our greatest joy that there was no loss of life or injury in the incident. Get well soon to Bursa," he said.

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