The Pandemic Has Also Negatively Affected Dental Health

The Pandemic Has Also Negatively Affected Dental Health
The Pandemic Has Also Negatively Affected Dental Health

While Europe is at the level of 80 percent in the habit of brushing teeth, which is indispensable for the protection of oral and dental health, this figure is around 25 percent in our country.

Dentist Derya Elik, who informed that this number has decreased to 18 percent in our country due to the pandemic, said that dental care was neglected during the closed period at home and an increase in dental caries occurred due to excessive consumption of junk food.

Karşıyaka Dentist Derya Elik, owner of Derya Elik Dental Clinic serving in Alaybey, said, “Since the leftovers of meals eaten in front of TV, computer and phone for a long time were not brushed, the acidic structure that became a food source for pathogenic bacteria and caused tooth decay. People who do not want to go out on the street due to the pandemic postponed their routine checks and treatments. Therefore, an increase in dental caries occurred. Currently, we continue our services in line with the standards set by the Ministry of Health on dental treatment. We apply special hygiene and sterilization measures. We also extended the appointment interval of our customers. Thus, although we provide service during the pandemic period, no Corona cases have been experienced in our clinic until today.”


Dentist Derya Elik, who stated that diseases such as dental caries and tooth deficiency can cause pain as well as chewing dysfunction, said, “We mainly perform surgical procedures such as implant application, impacted tooth and tooth extraction with cysts in our clinic. In such cases, we determine a treatment program suitable for the patient's condition. If necessary, we perform implant and prosthetic applications on it. It may take up to 3 months for the implant to attach to the jawbone. During this time, we are applying temporary teeth. At the end of 3 months, we can restore the chewing functions to normal by applying the real prosthesis. It may be inconvenient to apply this application to those who undergo chemotherapy, radiotherapy treatment, those with uncontrolled diabetes and those with osteoporosis. It is suitable for anyone over the age of 18, except for these people.”


Expressing that they are also in demand for smile designs, which are very common in America and applied in our country, Elik said: “Healthy, white and complete teeth add an important expression to our faces. Tooth decay and deficiency can negatively affect people both physiologically and psychologically. Thanks to the aesthetic smile design we have achieved with the zirconium coatings we apply on the implants in our clinic, it is possible to achieve both a highly functional chewing capacity and a beautiful and aesthetic smile.”

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