Number of IMM Student Dormitories Increased to 10, Student Capacity to 2

Number of IBB Student Dormitories a Student Capacity Increased to One Thousand
Number of IMM Student Dormitories Increased to 10, Student Capacity to 2

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğluThe number of İBB Dormitories, which is one of the election promises of , has increased to 10. With Maltepe Girls' Dormitory, Eyüpsultan Girls' Dormitory, Bayrampaşa Girls' Dormitory, which were opened collectively today, the student capacity increased to 10 in 2 dormitories.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality continues to offer solutions to one of the most fundamental problems of university students, which is housing. The capacity of IMM Higher Education Student Dormitories, which started to serve students from outside the province for university education in the 2021-2022 academic year, with a capacity of 622 students, has increased rapidly this year. IMM Dormitories started to serve for the first time in 2021 as the election promises of President Imamoglu. The number of dormitories increased to 10 with Maltepe Girls' Dormitory, Eyüpsultan Girls' Dormitory, Bayrampaşa Girls' Dormitory, which were opened collectively today. The student capacity of 10 dormitories serving students was increased to 2. It is aimed that the number of students served in the 800-2023 academic year will be 2024 thousand.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) officially opened the girls' dormitories in Maltepe, Bayrampaşa and Eyüpsultan within the scope of the "150 Projects in 150 Days" marathon. IMM President at the opening held in the garden of the dormitory in Maltepe Yalı Mahallesi Ekrem İmamoğlu and Maltepe Mayor Ali Kılıç made speeches.

Emphasizing that one of the greatest achievements of the Republic is the belief in education and the acceptance of education as a right, İmamoğlu said, “Education is the right of our citizens in every corner of this beautiful land, in the most remote village, not only of those who have the opportunity or a certain group or a certain gender. It is an achievement,” he said. Sharing the knowledge that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, held an 'Educational Convention' in 1921 while the War of Independence was still going on, İmamoğlu said, “The Republic is a story that shows us how education develops and transforms individuals and society, and most importantly, how it provides social justice and is effective. regime is a system. It is possible to protect the values ​​of the Republic, to fulfill the requirements of education or to revive its processes, as well as to protect and develop the right to equal education for everyone. We act with this understanding,” he said.


Pointing out the contribution support to the education they provide to the kindergartens they opened and university students as an example of this understanding, İmamoğlu said:

“It is of course part of our responsibility to start or close this gap, doing many things that have unfortunately not been done before us. But to buy an Istanbul in this way and to do pioneering work that fills this gap, believe me, does not make us happy. I wish there had been a more effective move process in this sense from the past to the present, and we would have brought a different process to Istanbulites today. According to the administration before us, Istanbul did not have a dormitory problem. They had obviously set up an interesting arrangement for themselves. They considered it appropriate to build dormitories with the IMM's budget, that is, with the taxes and money of 16 million of our people, and then hand them over to some foundations or associations close to them, whether it's their own opinion or their families. It was building a dormitory as a Metropolitan Municipality, covering its expenses, but handing it over to some foundations and associations without any rights in its management. Even though I asked myself 'Why' many times, I couldn't find an answer on my own, with my own mind, logic and conscience.”


Repeating the information that they aim to increase the number of beds from 2 to 800, which is currently 5000, İmamoğlu said, “There is no discrimination in the way our students apply to us and enroll here. A completely fair system, its own applications and a process managed by the suitability of its own conditions has been carried out. In other words, it was his party affiliation, his belief, his lifestyle, his political view… These are of no value to us. What is valuable for us is that each individual is a citizen of the Republic of Turkey and has the appropriate conditions here. Therefore, for us, the party of the students is not important. Our aim; our young people are not just staying here in dormitories or going to schools. We are also working on their inclusion in life. In terms of both finding a part-time job and creating internship opportunities for them. We offer careful contributions,” he said.

“As long as the people of Istanbul Smile”

Emphasizing that they are determined to provide equal service to all 39 districts, İmamoğlu said, “A perspective that addresses the needs of 39 districts, invests in 39 districts, and does not separate any district that supports them. We will continue to work and produce for the people of Istanbul with all our strength. No one can measure the reach of our industriousness right now. No one should make any guesses about where it will reach. Because there is no limit to our diligence and determination to produce, and our careful principles of integrating with our citizens and meeting their needs. As long as the people of Istanbul are happy. As long as the people of Istanbul, our citizens and even our nation can smile. We do not expect any other response," he said.


Saying, “I would like to thank each and every one of our friends, colleagues, and contributors in the maturation of this process, in our walk towards 5000 bed capacity,” İmamoğlu invited the benevolent Fatma Önger, who contributed to the construction of the interior furnishings of the dormitory in Maltepe, to the microphone. Önger, who was given a plaque by İmamoğlu for his contributions, also expressed his feelings, “I wish my children a lot of success. I apologize to them. I apologize for myself and on behalf of my contemporaries. Because we couldn't prepare the days you deserve, guys. This will hopefully be with you. Because we were so sure, we knew so much, we were so confident; everything was under warranty. But we cannot leave you the same guarantees. After that, it's up to you. I sincerely want your success to continue”.

FROM KILIÇ TO İMAMOĞLU: “Your trust is above us”

Maltepe Mayor Kılıç said, “I would like to thank him wholeheartedly for the importance he gives to student dormitories. He is trying to fill a tremendous gap, a tremendous gap. A little while ago, Mr. Murat said very kindly, 'We are not competing with anyone'. Yes, Ekrem Bey is not competing with anyone, he is only competing with himself. Because it works with its team with an understanding that improves its service area every day. While welcoming him a little while ago, he said to the women from Maltepe, 'We entrust our girls to you.' President, your trust is above our heads. We will approach our daughters and children here with your sensitivity. I am very honored to host them in Maltepe.” With the ribbon cut after the speeches, the girls' dormitories of IMM in Maltepe, Bayrampaşa and Eyüpsultan were officially put into service.


İmamoğlu met with the students in the dormitory, which was officially opened after the opening. Fun with students sohbet İmamoğlu said, “You cannot find a campus bigger than Istanbul in the school of life.” Colorful dialogues took place during İmamoğlu's meeting with the youth. A student said, “My dormitory was in Fatih in KYK. It was far from my school. The round trip was 3 hours. But on the last day they called me from here. It is really comfortable”, while another student said, “I stayed at KYK for 3 years. I have been on dialysis for 2,5 years. I was very uncomfortable in the crowded environment of KYK. It was causing me an extra problem for my health. When I voiced my problem here, priority was given to a single room. That's why I thank you." İmamoğlu's response to the student was, “Welcome to us. We also take care of your health. When necessary, at the right time, we are with you for dialysis and other needs. We will take care of everyone's health. Good luck. May your face always smile”.

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