The Future of the World is Discussed in Kocaeli

The Future of the World is Discussed in Kocaeli
The Future of the World is Discussed in Kocaeli

The Zero Waste Festival, organized by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in order to raise awareness about making the world a more livable place for all living things and future generations, started with the opening program. Participating in the opening program of the Zero Waste Festival, which is the most comprehensive transformation mobilization at the level of local governments in Turkey and organized with the theme of “More world with less”, Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Murat Kurum said, “A very good awareness movement has been started here. We will convey this awareness from Kocaeli to all of Turkey and the world.”


The festival, which aims to build waste-free lives and create environmental awareness for everyone from 7 to 70, started with a wide participation. On the first day of the festival in Kocaeli Congress Center, Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum, Kocaeli Governor Seddar Yavuz, Marmara Municipalities Union and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın and citizens attended.


At the opening of the festival, Kocaeli City Theater had a surprise for the guests. The City Theater has prepared a play that is rarely seen in the world, and perhaps for the first time in Turkey, to be exhibited in such dimensions. In the play called Garbage Atlas, the actors of the City Theater told how we pollute the world with puppets of exactly the same size, through the eyes of a child.


The play prepared by the City Theater for the festival and then planned to be included in its repertoire was highly appreciated. Participants in the opening program watched the special film prepared for the festival after the play. Then, President Büyükakın came first to the podium to make a speech. Stating that as the Metropolitan Municipality, they decided to organize a program to draw attention to the rapidly polluted world and solution measures, and why they named the event as a festival, Mayor Büyükakın said, “A very strong event is being held in our city regarding the future of our world. First of all, to Ms. Emine Erdoğan, who led the creation and spread of Zero Waste awareness and received the "Climate and Development Leadership Award" given for the first time by the World Bank with her efforts, and to our Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, Murat Kurum, who is the executive and leader of this issue in our country. thank you very much. They really encouraged us in the preparation phase of the program from the very beginning. They were instrumental in starting a great charity movement. Today I want to give a good news. As you know, there is mud at the very edge of the Gulf. When we presented it to them, we agreed to implement this project quickly. Our President was also with us. This work is the biggest environmental project to be realized in Turkey in the coming days," he said.


Noting that everyone who has something to say about Zero Waste will take part in this festival, Mayor Büyükakın said, “There is a day called the limit exceeding day, which has been known for years. It is usually calculated within a year. In the 1970s, this would have corresponded to the month of December. Today it corresponds to the month of July. In other words, half of this year we consume all that we will consume all year. We owe it to our children. By 2050, we will need a world three times larger than we have today. Then, if we think about the future, it is necessary to review our production and consumption. We must reduce waste, use energy more efficiently and live in harmony with the ecosystem. We need to take action on this issue, not just raising awareness.” Emphasizing the rapid disappearance of natural resources as a result of rapid consumption cycles created by man, President Büyükakın concluded his speech with the words of a Red Deer chief: “The earth is our mother. Whatever evil befalls the world, the same evil will befall his sons. "When the last fish is consumed, the white man will learn that money is inedible."


Kocaeli Governor Yavuz, who came to the podium after President Büyükakın, said, “I hope this festival will serve to protect and develop the environment. But I want to highlight something. As you all know, our city is not only a science, industry and technology base, but also an innovation center. Turkey's leading and leading city in every field. A city that makes Turkey compete with the world. For this reason, of course, leadership is worthy of our city, both in terms of the environment. Today, such a festival was organized with the contributions of our very esteemed Metropolitan Mayor.”


Minister Institution, who attaches special importance to Kocaeli and frequently visits our city, congratulated President Büyükakın and everyone who contributed to such a program to draw attention to the issue of Zero Waste. Minister Kurum said, “Today we are together on the occasion of a really important issue. I sincerely hope that all the activities to be held within the scope of the festival will lead to a livable world and a livable Turkey for our children. A very good awareness movement has been started here. We will convey this awareness from Kocaeli to all of Turkey and the world. Here we will talk about the world with less waste. Our goal is to leave a cleaner and more beautiful world to our future, to our children, to whom we will entrust our future. This is all our dream. And with this understanding, we will continue to do our services with the same understanding for 20 years. In the 18th century, there was a radical change in the economies of countries in the world. Industrialization, the structure, infrastructure, superstructure and natural life of cities were also deeply affected by this industrialization. A plastic produced 160 years ago still lives in nature today. And the all-accepting soil plastic is also welcome. Yet plastic is quietly poisoning the soil. And plastic, innocently wrapped in the ground, unfortunately imitates food for our fish in the sea. Disposable plastic bottles, bags, masks worn to protect against diseases, are brought to our table with the fish by being attached to the net. We, the people of the 21st century, who do not want to use anything twice, pull the pin of the straw and drop it into the water. We fire the bag and release it into the ground. Plastics mixed with soil and water do not scare us. He doesn't make a fuss. Because plastic doesn't kill us and the world right away. We are actually experiencing the negative consequences of what we do with our own hands, with the help of humanity, with a global environmental pollution and as a result, the climate crisis that is growing day by day.


At the end of the opening program of the festival, a zero waste show was held with the trainers and trainees at KO-MEK under the leadership of Dilek Hanif, a famous fashion designer and a pioneer in sustainable textiles. Fashion designer Dilek Hanif designed 15 pieces of clothing from the sheets, cloth napkins and used fabrics that KO-MEK trainees brought from their homes, after weeks of work. The show, which consists of works revived by KO-MEK master trainers, was highly appreciated.


From tomorrow, the festival part of zero waste events begins. More than 34 upcycling workshops and 80 waste-free products exhibitions will be held in 9 different areas over two days. In addition to these workshops, the festival will host many names and artists working on zero waste.


Actor and television personality Doğan Akdoğan, who drew attention with his Zero Waste Documentary he prepared for TRT, will be the corporate face of the festival. sohbet will do. On the same day, Varol Yaşaroğlu, the producer of King Şakir, who became one of the most watched films with his movie Recycling and loved by children, will be with us and will hold two workshops for our children.


Famous artist Derya Baykal, on the other hand, will put into practice an interview and a workshop for women, where she will give important tips on upcycling at home. At the festival, Lemi Filozof, the face of the Surprise Box program, which is loved by children, will also hold “Do It Yourself” Workshops with our children. On Sunday, October 16, the director and leading actor of the movie Dairy Philosopher Müfit Can Saçıntı and Doğan Akdoğan will share with us how a waste-free life is possible and the codes of minimal life.


On the second day of the festival, the Very Beautiful Movements 2 team will perform an entertaining show with their recycling sketches.


A large number of guests with opinions about zero waste will be hosted in the talks and sessions to be held throughout the festival. Academic and author Prof. Dr. Kemal Sayar will tell you how to be happier by consuming less.


Known as the bank of the poor, Grameen Bank Chairman of the Board Dr. AKM Saiful Majid will talk about how to solve poverty with a waste-free life. The approach of the young generation to climate change in the world will be expressed by one of the important climate activists of the USA, Greenfaith Climate Ambassador Nana Firman. İbrahim Abdul-Matin, the author of the book “How Green Is Your Religion”, will talk about the relationship between Environmentalism and Religiosity.


At the event, a grandfather and grandson will interpret their view of the land and consumption from the distance of 65 years.


During the festival, 8 young people from Turkey's leading universities will hold a debate on environmental issues.


In addition to these very enjoyable activities, the zero waste approach and the concept of circular economy will also be discussed at the Zero Waste Festival. A small summit will be held within the festival, so to speak. While discussing the circular economy with very important names from the perspective of the public and business world, the changes in consumption culture will also be discussed.


An example of good practice carried out in cooperation with the Metropolitan Municipality, İSU and industry on Waste Water Recycling will also be explained in a panel. Examples of good practices that make a difference in the field of Zero Waste and Circular Economy will be discussed. In addition, in the Zero Waste Blue Panel, how to eliminate the pollution of the seas will be discussed with those who give their heart to this subject.


On the other hand, before the festival started, a Zero Waste Camp was held on September 28 under the leadership of Ormanya. In addition to the experts of the subject, actors such as Actress Engin Altan Düzyatan, Presenter and Actress Alp Kırşan, adventure-loving program producer Orkun Olgar, NTV Green Screen Presenter Buse Yıldırım, Host-Actor Esra Gezginci, and Esra Gezginci participated in this camp, and experienced how to live in nature without waste and with very little consumption. The camp is also being made into a documentary by NTV. Along with the festival, this documentary can be watched on NTV screens.

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