Fırat Nursery in Buca is Transformed into a Living Park

Firat Nursery in Buca is Transformed into a Living Park
Fırat Nursery in Buca is Transformed into a Living Park

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerAnother green area will be added to Buca with the Fırat Nursery within the scope of the 35 Living Park project, which is among the election promises of Buca. The park, which will bring the citizens together with nature and nature with the city, has already started to host children.

While work continues to transform the Euphrates Nursery in Buca into a Living Park, the park has already started to bring the people of the region together with nature. Children from Gediz visited the Fırat Nursery with their families. Children from Gediz attended the painting workshop in the event organized by the Culture and Art Department, Social Projects Department and Emergency Solution Team.

It will accommodate different usage areas.

The park, whose construction was undertaken by the Department of Parks and Gardens, Department of Science Affairs, Department of Construction and municipal companies İZDOĞA, İZBETON, İZSU and İZENERJİ, will host different areas of use. The park will primarily serve the nearest 5 neighborhoods. There will be a biological pond, greenhouse, activity meadow, amphitheater and neighborhood garden in the approximately 30 thousand square meter park. There will be walking routes, cafeteria, recreation, sports and playgrounds for children in the park. Thus, the amount of green space in Buca will increase with the Fırat Nursery Living Park and the Orange Valley, an ecological city park established on an area of ​​200 thousand square meters in Tınaztepe District.

The people of Gediz wanted

President Tunç SoyerAfter the work in Gediz, it was determined that the residents of the district wanted a park, after the work of the Emergency Solution Team, which was formed by the Emergency Solution Team, which was formed by Izmir in order to determine the needs especially in the neighborhoods far from the center and to produce quick and on-site solutions. During the field research, it was decided to make the Euphrates Nursery a living park. In the design, the needs of the residents of the neighborhood were taken into consideration.

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