Sailing Farewell to Summer in Ankara

Saying Goodbye to Summer in Ankara
Sailing Farewell to Summer in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to host the "Farewell to Summer and Sailing Festivals: All Boats in Water" event. In the event to be held in Gölbaşı Mogan Park with Ankara Sailing Club, Mogan Lake will be the scene of sailing races. Ankara City Orchestra will also present a musical feast in the races where awareness activities on Parkinson's disease will also be held.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to host projects that support sports and athletes in the Capital.
With the support of the Metropolitan Municipality and the cooperation of the Ankara Sailing Club, the “Farewell to Summer and Sailing Festivals: All Boats in Water” event will be held at Gölbaşı Mogan Park on 8-9 October. In the event that will bring sailing lovers together, optimist and lasers will float on the lake and sailing races will be held.


The event, which will be held free of charge in Gölbaşı Mogan Park, hosted by ABB, will bring sailing athletes and enthusiasts together. Ankara Sailing Club's “Sea, Sailing and Surfing for Parkinson's” project and activities to raise awareness by drawing attention to Parkinson's disease; Club members and non-citizens and guests from abroad will attend. Ankara City Orchestra will present a musical feast to the participants.

In the event, which is a social responsibility project with the support of many non-governmental organizations and associations, the Amateur Sports Week Provincial Races to be organized by the Ankara Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports will also be brought together with the audience. At the end of the 2-day races, prizes will be given to the winners.

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