No New Foreigners Will Be Registered in 8 Districts in Istanbul

No New Foreigners Will Be Registered in the District in Istanbul
No New Foreigners Will Be Registered in 8 Districts in Istanbul

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu made a statement to the press after the Istanbul Migration Evaluation Meeting held at the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. He stated that Esenyurt and Fatih are closed to all foreign sessions. Minister Soylu said:

“Küçükçekmece, Başakşehir, Bağcılar, Avcılar, Bahçelievler, Sultangazi, Esenler and Zeytinburnu were already closed to temporary protection in Istanbul, closed to all residence permits. In other words, no new foreigner registration will be made in these districts. What's the exception? If he is a student, if he is in that county, if he has won the university, or if he has bought a house as an investor. There is also the matter of sickness. In other words, it is a health issue in terms of family integrity. Apart from that, Küçükçekmece, Başakşehir, Bağcılar, Avcılar, Bahçelievler, Sultangazi, Esenler and Zeytinburnu were closed to foreign session. We had two districts here before, Esenyurt and Fatih. Thus, 10 districts together with Esenyurt and Fatih are closed to foreigners' residence and residence.

Stating that processes leading to misinformation, speculation and xenophobia are being created through migration figures, Minister Soylu shared the following information:

“Our total number of Syrian brothers and sisters in Turkey, which we describe as 'under temporary protection', is 3 million 646 thousand 278, who came to Turkey due to the internal turmoil in Syria and are under temporary protection. Let me be frank, not 10 million, not 15 million, but 20. Not a million, not 25 million. The Republic of Turkey is a serious state. It is a state that can reveal its document and writing. The total number of people staying in Turkey with a residence permit, including student residence, working residence, family residence, employees working in missions, working in foreign companies, working in Turkey and working in agriculture, is 1 million 363 thousand 983. refugees in various statuses under international protection, which is a total of 321 thousand 52.”

Istanbul is Closed to the Temporary Protection Status, that is, for the Re-registration of Syrians

Our Minister Mr. Soylu stated that there are 551 thousand 829 Syrians under temporary protection in Istanbul, the number of foreigners staying with a residence permit is 715 thousand 651 and the number of refugees is 3 thousand 799. Reminding that provincial and neighborhood restrictions were applied in the evaluations they made regarding immigration in Istanbul and Turkey, our Minister stated the following:

“Istanbul has been closed for a long time under temporary protection status, that is, for the re-registration of Syrians. Some neighborhoods and districts in Istanbul are closed to all foreigners, not just Syrians, that is, not under temporary protection status. There is an exception. What is the exception? If the student is studying in that district, if he is a university student or if he has a work document, he can stay there. If he is an investor, he can stay there if he has bought a house. There are a few exceptions. His child is in another province, he has to be transferred there, I say in terms of family integrity, nuclear family, but other than that, they are closed.”

Stating that they achieved results from the restrictions they made on immigration in Turkey and in Istanbul, Minister Süleyman Soylu said, “While the total number of foreigners in Istanbul in April was 1 million 309 thousand 394, the figure was 1 million 271 thousand 279, although Russia and Ukraine have been forced to come in recent months. has fallen to. For example, there are counties that fall here. In other words, Fatih, whose residence permit was 15 thousand on January 2021, 49, reduced his residence permit to 24 thousand 611. So we can see that their restrictions are beneficial for themselves.” made its assessment.

Minister Soylu said that this trend has come down from the top with the measures they have taken, and the most important measure is that they do not give residence to anyone who comes to Turkey with a tourism visa with the tourism permit they started as of February. Explaining that they confirmed where and how these people lived through the screening they conducted in Istanbul, our Minister noted that they continue to do so.


We Sent 100 of 80 Illegal Immigrants We Caught in Istanbul to Their Countries

Minister Süleyman Soylu also pointed out that 143 thousand 450 foreigners who should not have lived in Istanbul since the beginning of the year or who entered Turkey illegally have been caught, and continued as follows:

“Some of them were supposed to live in other provinces, so we sent them there. Some of them had entered Turkey illegally. We caught a total of 83 thousand 605 illegal immigrants and foreigners entering Turkey illegally. We have deported 68 of them so far. This process is still ongoing. We sent them to their own country. This is a figure of almost over 210 percent. We sent 80 out of every 100 illegal immigrants we caught in Istanbul back to their countries. In addition, we have a capacity of 80 until the end of the year, and 700 and 6 with a thousand more in 1700 months, and we are increasing our capacity to 1500 thousand 3 in total. He stated that the capacity of the removal center is defined as 200 thousand according to European standards, and that there is a removal center capacity of 18-20 thousand in Turkey.

Our Minister Mr. Süleyman Soylu stated that they continue their integration training all over Turkey and noted that the total number of trainings they have given this year has exceeded 1 million.

Expressing that they have reached 271 million of the 1 million XNUMX thousand people in Istanbul within the scope of the integration trainings, our Minister Mr. Soylu said that foreigners residing in Istanbul from time to time met with opinion and religious leaders and representatives of civil society, and that they acted in cooperation with them on the voluntary, honorable and safe return they carried out upon the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Stating that they continue to make the necessary preparations, Soylu said that they continue to work on briquette houses and especially those in the Jarablus, Azez, Mare, Ras al-Ayn and Tel Abyad regions.

Increase in Number of Registered Persons in Residence Inquiries Due to Lack of Declaration

After his speech, Minister Süleyman Soylu said to a journalist, “Recently, there have been various complaints from citizens. When they make inquiries from e-Government, foreigners appear to be registered in their own residence. Could the strangers in this house have something to do with the closure of other areas? Because in the systems, they have shown those addresses that have no connections at all as the third address.” Upon the question, he said that Turkey is a transparent state. Stating that steps have been taken to set an example for the whole world through e-Government applications, our Minister Mr. Soylu said:

“It is obvious that we provide this integration together with the police, gendarmerie and all security forces, especially the Population and Citizenship Administration, Immigration Administration. In the e-Government application, it can be seen who lives at home for 2 years. Could he see before this? He couldn't see. There is a population with immigration. This population is the indigenous population. There is a population, this population is foreign population. In this context, we ensured the integration of the local population and the foreign population with each other, that is, we made them see each other. Here, sometimes statements, sometimes 1209 people who do not do their jobs on time, are determined by our friends... Because one of the most basic principles in our population and citizenship affairs is the principle of declaration. You enter e-Government now and say, 'I am going from this address to this address.' Do you have the right to say You own it. It accepts the citizen's statement. While this integration is being provided here, it is caused by the lack of declaration of 1200 people -that is, they were sitting there, passed from there to another place but did not register there- which is constantly checked by scanning. At the same time, he gave the initiative of the citizen to this screening.”

Stating that this number, which is due to the lack of declaration, will be investigated by the relevant people, our Minister Mr. Soylu said, “He can sit there earlier. He has to give a statement about whether he stays there and goes to another place, or you have to identify and record him physically or physically, our district governors have this authority, our governors also have this authority.” used the phrases.

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