Knowing First Aid Saves Lives

Knowing First Aid Saves Lives
Knowing First Aid Saves Lives

Stating that the intervention is wrong with hearsay information without knowing first aid, Uz. Dr. Gülçin Güngör Olçum gave information about first aid.

Upset. Dr. Emphasizing that first aid saves lives, Gülçin Güngör Olçum said, “In any situation and time in our daily life, it is possible to prevent disability and death in any situation that we know, apply or keep safe by avoiding the wrong position or positioning of the person who needs help.”

Saying that first aid should not be confused with emergency medicine, Uz. Dr. Olçum pointed out that the emergency medicine practice is carried out by doctors and health personnel (such as nurses, paramedics) who are trained in this field.

Upset. Dr. Olçum explains this situation with an example:

“In a traffic accident, if the first aider is in the vehicle, after checking his own health status, creating a safe area in the accident area prevents new accidents from happening. Knowing that a victim with heavy bleeding has priority over the one with minor abrasions helps to prevent death and disability of the bleeding patient.

Olçum emphasizes that intervention without training can result in death.

Upset. Dr. According to Olçum, practices without first aid knowledge and without any training on this subject can cause injury and even death of the person. A heart massage without knowing how to control the pulse (heartbeat) can disrupt the heart rhythm of the person and cause death. Or, the patient may be paralyzed as a result of the wrong intervention without knowing how to position and transport a victim appropriately.

Upset. Dr. For this reason, Olçum says that if you do not have first aid training, instead of intervening, it is very important to ensure that the person who has received first aid training works in a comfortable environment, and to prevent unnecessary interventions and chaos from the environment.

. Stating that first aid can be encountered at every stage of our lives, from minor traumas to situations that can cause serious life-threatening situations, Uzm. Dr. Olçum said, “Having knowledge and experience in first aid in such cases enables us to take an important step in the line of life and disability/death in every right intervention for ourselves and for other individuals.”

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