Sitting Upright is Important to Maintain Low Back Health!

It is Important to Sit Upright to Protect Back Health
Sitting Upright is Important to Maintain Low Back Health!

Neurosurgery Specialist Op.Dr.Mustafa Örnek gave important information about the subject. Herniated disc, which is a very common health problem in our society, is a disease that occurs as a result of the cartilage between the vertebrae slipping from its place and entering the spinal canal, putting pressure on the nerves coming to the legs and the spinal cord.

The spine in our body extends from the head to the hip and consists of bones called vertebrae and the discs connecting them. There are 5 vertebrae in our waist. Between these bones there are cartilages called discs. The disc, which is a special connective tissue organ, ensures the mobility of the spine, its durability and resistance to all kinds of stresses, the absorption of sudden impacts, and also the balanced distribution of the force to the surrounding tissues.

The symptoms of herniated disc are complaints of low back, leg pain, numbness in the feet, difficulty in walking. There may also be cramps or contractions in the leg. Pain complaints may increase while walking or standing.

Herniated disc is mostly seen in middle-aged and older people. Although it does not distinguish between genders, it is more common in men. Risk factors include overweight people, those who do heavy sports, those who make sudden movements without protecting their back health, those who work physically hard, and those who work at desks.

In the diagnosis of the disease, the patient's history, physical examination, x-ray, magnetic resonance, computerized tomography are mostly used. Electrophysiological examination of the nerves called EMG is considered necessary. The picture that emerges as a result of all examinations and findings helps to reveal whether the person has a herniated disc.

Op.Dr.Mustafa Örnek said, “With the developing technology, the treatment of hernia has become very comfortable. The microsurgery method provides satisfactory results in the treatment of herniated disc. Microsurgery, which is applied with a very small incision, is a surgical technique in which detailed images can be obtained through a microscope. Due to the very small incision, the recovery time is much faster. In microsurgical technique, a very small incision is made on the damaged area. The operation is performed from a small area. A very large microscope in the operating room is used to provide detailed and comfortable imaging. Obtaining a clear and detailed image minimizes the risk of damage and damage to vital tissues for the patient.

Recommendations against low back pain; In order to prevent low back and back pain, first of all, people should pay attention to their posture in daily life, while standing and sitting. Care must be taken to stand upright. In addition, it is important to lift and carry weights correctly, and to perform the movements of reaching, turning and bending forward correctly. Apart from these, 10 minutes against low back pain. Start with and work your way up to 30 minutes or more. Increase the distance and walking speed as much as you can.

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