Gökçeyurt Village Life Center Opened in Ankara

Gokceyurt Bay Life Center Opened in Ankara
Gökçeyurt Village Life Center Opened in Ankara

Gökçeyurt Village Life Center in Ankara was opened to the service of citizens with a ceremony attended by Deputy Minister of National Education Petek Aşkar.

Petek Aşkar, Deputy Minister of National Education, in his speech at the opening ceremony of Gökçeyurt Village Life Center, said that they act with the principle of equal opportunity in education, as emphasized by Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer, and that they carry out many studies in this context.

Summarizing the work they have started for the dissemination of pre-school education, Aşkar said, “1.710 kindergartens were opened in one year, this number will reach 3 and will probably exceed 3. We opened 14 thousand main classes. With these figures, we have reached a higher number than the kindergartens opened in the Republic of Turkey so far.” he said.

Stating that the enrollment rate at the age of five has reached 78 percent from 93 percent, Aşkar said that they are trying to increase this rate to 100 percent.

Aşkar pointed out that kindergarten classes were opened in 1.800 villages, and thus approximately 20 thousand children received education, and said that with the 10.000 Schools in Basic Education project, they improved the physical environment of the schools in need, and provided free textbooks as well as supplementary resource books to students.

“It was an environment for learning and sharing together”

Sharing the details of their work on village life centers, Aşkar said:

“We started this project two months ago. First of all, we said, let's make an example in only one province. But it was such an excitement, such an effort that I think we will reach 2 by the end of October. We will not have a closed village school until the end of the year.”

Pointing to the importance of the project, Aşkar said, “For the courses given to adults as a public education center, kindergarten or primary school is opened in case of need. We created this in a structure that is intertwined with nature and science. Village life centers; A social environment where adults, parents, grandmothers, grandparents and grandparents are together with our young children, it has become an environment of togetherness, learning and sharing together, and it has created a much bigger impact than we thought.” made its assessment.

Deputy Minister Aşkar stated that a beekeeping course will be given in Gökçeyurt Village Life Center in the first place and wished the center to be beneficial.

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