Global Sustainability Investments Over $35 Trillion

Global Sustainability Investments Exceed Trillion Dollars
Global Sustainability Investments Over $35 Trillion

According to the report of the Global Sustainable Investment Association, it is estimated that sustainability investments made on a global scale will reach 2025 trillion dollars by 50. While the sustainability goal of the companies goes hand in hand with the goal of profitable growth, SMEs can receive consultancy services by benefiting from the grants of different institutions.

In recent years, when the world is on the verge of a major climate crisis, the sustainability goals of companies have become an integral part of their profitable growth goals. According to the report of the Global Sustainable Investment Association (GSIA), global sustainable investments exceeding $2021 trillion in 35 are estimated to reach $2025 trillion by 50. According to the results of the 40 Own Your Impact study conducted by the IBM Business Values ​​Institute in collaboration with Oxford Economics in more than 2022 countries, 83% of CEOs believe that their sustainability investments in the next 5 years will lead to better company results. CEOs who have successfully integrated sustainability and digital transformation, say that they have started to see the positive results of the transformation on profitability within 28 years, in the survey, in which 60 CEOs working in 3 sectors, 2 of whom are from Turkey, participated. 68% of CEOs in Turkey plan to use more than 10% of their income to invest in a more sustainable future.

Başak Tulga Önen, the Founding Platform Director of Mentoro, one of the leading consultancy companies in Turkey, pointed out that companies that want to take concrete steps on issues such as strategy, digitalization and sustainability in the current conditions should receive support to draw the right roadmap. We offer the roadmap they hear, we give a sigh of relief to the managers who want the process to progress in a controlled manner, with our senior team and tested methodologies, and we bring new competencies to their teams. We are also included in the local consultant pool of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The EBRD helps SMEs that it approves according to eligibility criteria to get management consultancy project support and covers a certain percentage of the project cost, mostly with donor funds.”

“We ensure the profitable growth of companies and sustainable growth”

Başak Tulga Önen pointed out that the consultants of Mentoro, which offers solutions that will create a long-term competitive advantage in 4 main areas: strategy, structure and governance, digital transformation and sustainability, consist of high-level professionals with years of experience in the business world: It is put into practice in our customers after it is done. As Mentoro, we focus on the most important issues of management sciences in the companies we work with, design the most suitable solution for the company, and then include technology business partners in the solutions. By working with the teams in the institution and taking an active role in the implementation of the developed systems, we ensure the profitable growth of the companies and the sustainable growth.”

“We realize projects much faster with lower costs”

Başak Tulga Önen, Founding Platform Director of Mentoro, who has many success stories in sustainability, digital transformation, innovation, new business strategy, innovative organizational model, customer experience, agile management and operational design, continued her words as follows: and we share our methodologies with our client's team, providing them with new and valuable lifelong competencies. With the methodologies we use and real work experience, we complete the projects of other consulting companies that take months, in a few weeks. By taking advantage of the platform structures, Mentoro realizes projects at a much lower cost and much faster.”

Grant support from the EBRD to companies that meet certain conditions

Stating that it is a privilege to be in the EBRD's consultant pool, Başak Tulga Önen says that companies that make the right investments in the field of sustainability and meet the criteria sought are eligible for consultancy project grant support and adds: If they work with EBRD's consultants and meet the eligibility criteria, they can receive grant support from the EBRD for their projects. In order to be included in the EBRD's support scope, it is first necessary to be included in the European Union's definition of SME. This means that the company has a turnover of less than 50 million euros or a balance sheet size of less than 43 million euros and less than 250 employees. Companies that are expected to present financial data for 2 years with at least 2 years of commercial history and show a growth trend can benefit from grant support regardless of their field of activity.”

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