Getting to the Phrygian Valley is Now Easier

Getting to the Phrygian Valley is Easier Now
Getting to the Phrygian Valley is Now Easier

The road construction works were completed by laying hot asphalt on the road between Seyitgazi-Han districts, which was built by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality in 3 stages and will provide access to the Phrygian Valley. With the work, a comfortable 68 km long road was completed and an important stage was passed for Eskişehir tourism.

Yazilikaya Midas Castle and Phrygian Valley region, which is 80 km away from Eskişehir and where archaeological excavations started again after 71 years, is going to a new stage with the road completed by the Metropolitan Municipality. The Metropolitan Municipality, which started the construction of the 3-stage road that will facilitate access to the Midas Monument, which is the heart of the Phrygian Valley with its thousands of years of mysterious history that attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists, completed its works in 2019.

Seyitgazi District Center, which provides the connection between Han and Seyitgazi Districts, which are the first 41 stages of the road work with a length of 2 km,Cevizli-Bardakçı-Hankaraağaç-Gökçekuyu neighborhood roads and Gökçekuyu-Kayı-Yazılıkaya neighborhood roads, which connect the Yazılıkaya Midas Monument within the borders of Han District, were completed by the Metropolitan Municipality teams with concrete road application.

The 3rd stage road work of the Metropolitan Municipality, the 27 km long Phrygian Valley, which connects the Eskişehir-Afyon highway, the Yazılıkaya-Çukurca, Şükranlı-Sarıcailyas-Örencik road was completed by paving the hot asphalt. The teams of the Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction, Maintenance and Repair Department completed their final work on the hot asphalt paving and opened the road to transportation.

Stating that the road is very important for Eskişehir tourism, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen said, “We have completed the road work we started to ensure reliable and comfortable transportation to the Phrygian Valley and Midas Monument, which are important tourism destinations for our city and country. Thus, we solve the road problem, which is one of the most urgent needs, and provide safe and comfortable transportation for local and foreign tourists to the region. With the completion of the road that will accelerate Eskişehir tourism, there will be an important tourism activity in the region, especially in our Han and Seyitgazi district. I think that this will enable the people of the region to develop economically and Eskişehir to get a bigger share from tourism.” said.

Metropolitan Municipality teams also warned the citizens on the road opened for transportation to comply with the traffic signs and markers on the route.

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