Geothermal Hot Water Drilling Works Started in Konaklı Ski Center

Geothermal Hot Water Drilling Works Started in Konakli Ski Center
Geothermal Hot Water Drilling Works Started in Konaklı Ski Center

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality built Turkey's largest drilling platform in the city. The aforementioned work was started with the commencement ceremony of the geothermal hot water drilling established in Konaklı Ski Center.

The ceremony was attended by Erzurum Deputy Governor Uğur Tutkan, Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Ömer Denge, Yakutiye Mayor Mahmut Uçar, Aziziye Mayor Muhammed Cevdet Orhan, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Zafer Aynalı, ESKİ General Manager Remzi Ertek, Deputy Secretary Generals Köksal Yavuz and Ahmet Kılıç, Mine Inspection and Search (MTA) Trabzon Regional Manager Bülent Tosun, Provincial Mufti Şahin Yıldırım, AK Party Erzurum Provincial Vice President Ali Tuğrul Birdal, AK Party Palandöken District President Haktan Ömeroğlu and AK Party Yakutiye District President Recep Aydın and many guests attended.

In his speech at the ceremony, Secretary General Zafer Aynalı said, “Our metropolitan municipality continues to break new ground in Erzurum.” Noting that they lived through a historical day, Secretary General Aynalı continued: “Drilling at a depth of 2 meters in the history of Erzurum begins today for the first time. Thank God, this was granted to us under the leadership and leadership of our Mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality. Hopefully, the work will continue without incident. This is Konaklı Ski Center, which is one of the few ski resorts in the world. When we obtain thermal water and hot water, I hope we will integrate it into tourism. This will contribute greatly to the economy of our city. In the past, the experts of this business and the authorized institutions of this business always stated that there would be a second reserve in terms of hot water in Erzurum. He said that this should be done with a deep sounding. Hopefully, with this drilling, we will realize this dream and this goal. Our altitude of 200 thousand 2 drillings will be a minimum of 179 thousand 2 meters. In other words, we will descend from the mansion to the sea level by drilling. I would like to thank all my friends who contributed and wish success to all the personnel of our MTA General Directorate who will carry out the drilling.”


MTA Trabzon Regional Manager Bülent Tosun said, “Our drilling machine is capable of drilling up to 3000 meters depth”. “We plan to drill around 2 meters here. But this drilling is able to go deeper when deemed necessary” said Tosun and continued: “The tower height of our machine is 250 meters and the rig carrying capacity is 37 tons. In our drilling, we will work on a 200-hour basis and in a 24-shift system. We aim to finish our drilling in 3 months, if God wills. If the winter conditions are heavy or there are technical problems we will encounter during the drilling, this period may be extended.” Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Ömer Duzgun said, “Today, we are here with you for an important investment that will contribute to the future of our city.” Deputy Chairman Duzgun continued his words as follows: “As you know, our city is a city with geothermal resources. In this context, we have established Turkey's largest drilling platform in the field of geothermal in Erzurum. Thanks to this investment with a cost of 5 million, we will start geothermal hot water exploration activities at a depth of 18 thousand 2 meters. According to the degree of hot water that will come out as a result of this work that will last more than 200 year, we will implement our geothermal-based projects in this area and its surroundings, especially in greenhouses, heating systems and many other areas. As it is known, geothermal resources in our country are used in electricity generation, industry, health tourism, agriculture, residential heating, greenhouse heating, tropical plant cultivation, urban heating and hot water supply, soil and street heating, airport runways heating, swimming pool and physical therapy, various industrial uses, drying and sterilizing food, canning, lumbering, wood coating industry, paper, weaving and dyeing, drying and processing of leathers and many fields that we cannot count. As Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, together with the water resource, which will be at the point of evaluating the economic contributions and environmental effects of geothermal energy, we will implement renewable investments that make significant contributions to the future of our city, and the projects in these areas that we have just mentioned, together. After the speeches, the victim was sacrificed and then the mega investment was opened.

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