Çorlu Train Massacre Case Postponed! Arrest Decision Issued About TCDD Manager

th Hearing Held in Corlu Train Massacre Case
Çorlu Train Massacre Case Postponed! Arrest Decision Issued About TCDD Manager

In the 11th hearing of the Çorlu train accident case, the defendants denied the accusations and said that they were not responsible, and blamed each other. The lawyers, on the other hand, stated that the additional indictment expresses the same things as the first one and emphasized that those who are responsible should be prosecuted.

While the case regarding the train accident in Tekirdağ Çorlu, in which 25 people lost their lives and 328 people were injured, continues, the Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office decided to expand the investigation. The Chief Public Prosecutor's Office underlined that the inability to specifically inspect the railway line in adverse weather conditions, due to the lack of monitoring of the weather conditions and the inability to follow the weather conditions, may have been effective in the occurrence of the accident.

SözcüAccording to the news of Fırat Fistik from Turkey; After this decision, a lawsuit was filed against 1 officials in the 9st Regional Directorate of TCDD, with a charge of 3 years to 15 years in prison for 'recklessly causing and causing death of more than one person' and 'causing the death and injury of more than one person by conscious negligence'.

While four defendants were tried before, with the participation of these people, the number of defendants increased to 13.


Speaking at the hearing, Onur Şahinkaya, the lawyer of the families, said, “The event was tried to be covered up by keeping the directorates away from responsibility. Today, prosecutors and experts are in a suspicious position. Whatever the first indictment tells, the additional indictment in the presence expresses the same things with some technical details. At the point of bluntness, the main reasons for liability are not qualified as a cause of action. Nihat Aslan and Muammer Meriçli, who are responsible at the highest level to be tried, are not before us at the moment. They say they couldn't be here because they were brought by force to a bid rigging file, where they were both on trial. We don't think it's true. They are not connected to the hearing they demanded, this is the level of embarrassment,” he said.


In his defense, TCDD 1st Regional Service Deputy Director Levent Kaytan said:

“I do not accept the accusation of crime against me. I do not have a duty to monitor the weather. I didn't receive any special orders to follow up. This control is made by the road chief.

The special inspection to be made in adverse weather conditions is planned in the line maintenance book, this book does not impose any responsibility on me. There is no task that I neglect. No adverse weather conditions were reported in Çorlu on the day of the accident, even the meteorology directorate did not provide information about adverse weather conditions.

I did not see any problems at the crash site, and I was not informed of any problems with the superstructure.”

Nizamettin Aras, one of the defendants, said, “I do not have a duty to follow the precipitation. Our road maintenance chiefs get information about the weather from the environment. When there is a problem in their zone, they take the necessary action. I have no responsibility for the infrastructure inspection, I am an officer who receives and gives information. For whatever reason, the inspection responsibility of the private line has been given to our regional directorate and our general directorate, I am on trial here.”


He answered the questions of lawyer Onur Şahinkaya as follows:

Mümin Karasu says that he warned you in his statement and that you did not show sensitivity. What did you talk about at the meeting?

* “We didn't have a meeting.”

You went to the scene after the accident, why did the infrastructure become like this?

* “Nothing could be done to prevent this from happening. It was caused by excessive rainfall.”


Burhan Ortancil, one of the defendants, said, “I do not have the necessary knowledge due to my branch, I did this duty due to the personnel shortage. For this reason, more administrative assignments were given to me. I do not have the task of coordinating and supervising," he said.

Ortancil also asked lawyer Akçay Taşçı, "Is it true that you came to this position without having the necessary qualifications?" He replied, “Correct”.


During the hearing, which lasted until midnight, the court decided to arrest Mümin Karasu, who was the Maintenance Service Manager at the TCDD 1st Regional Directorate and was expected to attend the hearing with SEGBİS, but did not.

The Court, TCDD Regional Maintenance Service Deputy Manager for Superstructure Levent Kaytan, Infrastructure Regional Maintenance Service Deputy Manager Nizamettin Aras, Road controller Burhan Ortancil, engineers Tevfik Baran Önder, Deniz Parlak and Kubilay Başkaya, Deputy Manager for Maintenance Service Areas Levent Meriçli and TCDD He also imposed a ban on leaving the country for Nihat Aslan, who served as the 1st Regional Manager, and brought a judicial control condition. The hearing was adjourned to January 11, 2023.

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