My Flower Exchange Application Continues at Dikimevi Metro Station

Cicegim Exchange Application Continues at Dikimevi Metro Station
My Flower Exchange Application Continues at Dikimevi Metro Station

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality's "Flower Swap" application continues at Dikimevi Metro Station. Thanks to the application, the residents of Başkent have the opportunity to exchange or care for their flowers and plants free of charge. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to undertake human-oriented and environmentally sensitive projects.

The “My Flower Swap” application, which was a first in the Capital by the Environmental Protection and Control Department, EGO General Directorate and ANFA Plant House, started again as of September 26.


The second stop of the flower stand, which was opened at Kurtuluş Station, where the student density was high, between September 26 and October 1 was Dikimevi Station. Capitals; At the stand, which will remain open until Saturday, October 8, they will be able to exchange or care for their flowers and plants.

ABB, Environmental Protection and Control Department Herbal Application Chief Burak Taşkesti gave the following information about the application:

“The flower exchange application, which we started with the cooperation of the Environmental Protection Department and the EGO General Directorate, first started on 26 September at Kurtuluş Metro Station. It continues on Dikimevi Metro. The purpose of our application; To ensure the exchange of flowers of the citizens and to support them in taking care of the flowers in their homes… At the same time, to raise awareness about environmental awareness and plant science. We will continue to open stands in our other metros in the coming weeks. flower lovers; They will be able to come and exchange their flowers between 6:10.00 and 18.30:XNUMX, XNUMX days a week, except Sundays.”

The 'My Flowers Exchange' event, which is planned to continue until December, will continue to open stands at one-week intervals at the following points:

-Dikimevi Stop: Monday, October 3 - Saturday, October 8

-Ivedik Stop: Monday, October 10, Saturday, October 15

-Hospital Stop: Monday, October 17 - Saturday, October 22

-West Center Stop: Monday, October 24 - Saturday, October 29

-Eryaman 1-2 Stop: Monday, October 31, Saturday, November 5

-Fatih Stop: Monday, November 7, Saturday, November 12

-Çayyolu Stop: Monday, November 14 - Saturday, November 19

-Kuyubaşı Stop: Monday, November 21 - Saturday, November 26

-Dutluk Stop: Monday, November 28, Saturday, December 3

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