Çeşnigir Canyon Offers Its Visitors a Unique View

Cesnigir Canyon Offers Its Visitors A Unique View
Çeşnigir Canyon Offers Its Visitors a Unique View

The Çeşnigir Bridge, which has shed light on history for centuries, and the unique view of the canyon in the Köprü village of the Keskin district of Kırıkkale attract visitors. There are historical Çeşginir Bridge, Çeşnigir Canyon through which Kızılırmak passes, glass terrace overlooking the canyon, walking track at the edge of the canyon, boat tour in the canyon, selling local products and many beauties.

Çeşnigir Bridge and Çeşnigir Canyon are one of the most important touristic locations of Kırıkkale province. Çeşnigir Bridge, which was built on Kızılırmak during the Anatolian Seljuk State and underwent restoration on various dates, has been standing for about 7 centuries. Cut stone was used in the construction of Çeşnigir Bridge, which is a work of the 13th century, and its length is 110 meters. The bridge, which is 6 meters wide, is located at the entrance of the canyon. It was rebuilt by Mimar Sinan and later the feet of the bridge remained in the water.

It is located on the border of Kırıkkale/Keskin-Karakeçili districts, in the basin where Kızılırmak passes, near the historical excavation site of Büklükale and 38 kilometers from Kırıkkale center.

The area is 424 acres; There are historical bridge lighting, glass and wooden viewing terrace, pier and boat tour, wooden stairs, walking and bicycle paths, children's playgrounds, adventure park, youth camp, water platforms, cafeterias, local sales units, prayer room, wc, parking areas in the area. . In addition to offering the opportunity to do fun activities for those living in Ankara and the surrounding provinces, it has the feature of an alternative area where you can find peace.

There are eating and drinking areas around the canyon. Our visitors can visit these facilities for both breakfast and eating purposes.

Watching the magnificent view of the canyon on the viewing terraces, walking on the track by the canyon, going deep into the canyon with a boat tour will leave you unique feelings.

In the historical area, which was brought to tourism by the Kırıkkale Governor's Office, most of the visitors take souvenir photos on the viewing terraces and on the bridge, while some of them enjoy the day by taking a boat tour.

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