Beware of Foods That Trigger Stomach Problems!

Beware of Foods That Trigger Stomach Problems
Beware of Foods That Trigger Stomach Problems!

Some inaccuracies in the diet are the triggers of stomach problems. So what are they? Dietitian Tuğçe Sert gave information about the subject.

Eating Too Much and Fast Food

In order to prevent heartburn and burning, the amount of food consumed should be considered without considering special foods at the beginning. If the food with a large volume reaches the stomach quickly, heartburn will increase. A food that is good or bad for heartburn causes discomfort when consumed in large quantities. In addition, when food is consumed quickly, heartburn may occur. When the food is consumed quickly, the digestion process is not as desired and this triggers the burning in the stomach.

Consuming Foods with High Acidity

Foods such as oranges, grapefruit, tomatoes, lemons, tomato sauces can cause heartburn. Since these foods have acidic properties, they cause problems in people with sensitive stomachs. In addition, vinegar, lemon salt, pickles, mustard, soy and some salad dressings can trigger stomach problems due to their acid content.

Beware of Oily Foods!

In general, foods with high fat content, which take a long time to digest, remain in the stomach for a longer period of time. Since fatty foods stay in the stomach for a long time, they also increase stomach problems. If chicken is consumed frequently with chips, fried foods, offal, roast, fried chicken skin, it paves the way for stomach problems.

Dried Legumes and Pastries

Minimize the frequency of consumption of dried legumes, as they can cause gas and bloating problems. You can add coriander, thyme, cumin and mint while cooking to degas the dried legumes. Frequent consumption of pastries and fried desserts with syrup causes heartburn.

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