Amasra, the New Favorite of Cruise Tourism

Amasra, the New Favorite of Cruise Tourism
Amasra, the New Favorite of Cruise Tourism

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure announced that Amasra, one of the prominent cities of the Western Black Sea Region with its tourism, hosted its fourth cruise ship and announced that a total of 2 Russian tourists came to Amasra.

In the statement made by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, it was noted that cruise tourism started to develop rapidly in Amasra within the scope of the "Port Passenger Pier and Marina" project. Reminding that the first cruise ship docked at the port in August of this year, the statement said, “So far, a total of 1 cruise ships have arrived at Amasra Port: 2 ship in August, 1 in September and 4 in October. On the ASTORIA GRANDE ship, 327 cruise passengers were carried on the first visit. On the ship's second visit, 779, 843 on its third visit, and 796 on its fourth visit in October, visited Amasra Port.


Pointing out that the ship departed from Russia's Sochi Port and first stopped at Istanbul Galataport and then arrived at Amasra Port, it was emphasized that the preference of Russian tourists was cruise tourism. In the statement, it was stated that the ships that left Amasra Port then went to Sinop Port, and it was announced that the ship, which hosts a total of 2 thousand 745 cruise passengers, is planned to sail 2 more times in October and 3 more times in November.

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