440-Mn-Year-Old Fossils Found in China That Could Be the Ancestor of All Bony Creatures

Million-Year-Old Fossils Found In The Djinn That Could Be An Ancestor Of All Bony Creatures
440-Mn-Year-Old Fossils Found in China That Could Be the Ancestor of All Bony Creatures

Whether the ancestors of man were fish or not was beyond doubt for scientists. Until now, the earliest ancestors of the human species were thought to be some kind of shark. However, this theory has been brought into discussion because of the small prehistoric/prehistoric fish fossil that Chinese researchers discovered and named 'Fanjingsania'. The fossil of the species in question was discovered in the Chongqing region in southwest China. The oldest prehistoric fish fossil ever found is 440 million years old.

Scientists are now questioning their existing theories of the evolution of backbone-bearing creatures like the human species. In fact, Fanjingshania is not only the ancestor of humans, but the ancestor of all living things with a bony skeleton… The small prehistoric fish has a skeleton and vertebrae. Their gills have spines in a way never seen in modern fish. Zhu Min, who is responsible for the team of researchers who found Fajingshania, states that the newly discovered fossils are all of a brand new variety and provide an understanding of what the first jaws looked like.

According to Zhu, this discovery shows that the evolution of backbones with a jaw took place much earlier than previously thought. In the meantime, it is reminded that scientists found a 2013-million-year-old fish fossil in China in 419. According to scientists, this discovery disproved the theory that modern fish with a spinal column evolved from a species with a shark-like cartilaginous armature. A new and even older fish fossil found in China reinforces this view.

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