27 Thousand TL Promotion for IMM Employees

IBB Decision to Increase Salaries of Employees for the Second Time

President, the good news that will make 86 thousand IMM employees and their families happy. Ekrem İmamoğlu gave. İmamoğlu said: “We worked hard for the welfare of our employees and achieved a good result. A salary promotion of 27.000 TL will be deposited into the accounts of our employees of IMM and its subsidiaries at once. Best wishes." announced in his words. A promotional fee of 30 TL will be deposited into the account of each of the employees of IMM and 27.000 subsidiary companies. Promotional payments for İETT and İSKİ employees were made before. The promotional payments of the remaining 75 thousand IMM workers will be in their accounts in October. In total, all 86 thousand İBB employees will have their promotions.

With the changing economic conditions and the increase in salaries in line with the current conditions, revised promotion negotiations were started with Yapı ve Kredi Bank in August 2022. In this context, a total of 4 offers were submitted by the bank. IMM management insisted on the revision of the commercial contract to meet the expectations of its employees at the highest level. As a result, the salary payments to be made by Yapı ve Kredi Bankası for the employees of İBB and its affiliates have been extended until December 2025. With the new salary payment protocol, an agreement was reached with Yapı ve Kredi Bankası for the promotion of 27.000 TL in cash per employee. In this context, Yapı ve Kredi Bank will make a total payment of TL Taking into account average salary, this figure will be one of the highest promotional fees a private bank will pay.

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