WorldFood Istanbul International Food Products and Technologies Fair Opened

WorldFood Istanbul International Food Products and Technologies Fair Opened
WorldFood Istanbul International Food Products and Technologies Fair Opened

Organized by Hyve Group, WorldFood Istanbul International Food Products and Technologies Fair opened its doors at TÜYAP on 1 September. The fair, which is the international meeting point of the food industry, leads the way in exhibiting the latest products, services and technologies in the industry and supporting domestic producers and entrepreneurs.

WorldFood Istanbul 2022; 77 from 600 countries, mainly from important regions such as Middle East and North African countries (MENA), Balkan countries, CIS countries, South & North American countries, Southeast Asia, within the framework of the Buyer Delegation Program, which plays a very active role in the strong cooperation with İHBİR and exports. It hosts more than XNUMX invited purchasing professionals in Istanbul.

Bringing together a wide range of products, including exhibitors and products from all areas of the food industry, with both buyers and visitors, the fair offers new cooperation agreements opportunities to nearly 25 exhibitors from 800 countries.

The second session of WorldFood Istanbul, titled Being Reliable in Production and Supply Chain, was held under the leadership of Reliable Product Platform President and Journalist Celal Toprak.

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yücel Yılmaz, who took the floor for the first time in the session, drew attention to the strong position Balıkesir has in the field of gastronomy. Stating that the city has very rich and powerful resources in terms of agriculture, Yılmaz continued as follows:

“Turkey's first tourism certified place is Balıkesir. Ayvalık, Altınoluk, Güre, Akçay are the places where tourism was first made. Our goat cheese and honey have been discovered. They say, from the producer to the table; This approach is something we apply. In terms of production, there is a production that is constantly produced by humans and is natural. Our goal is to expand branding and to develop value-added production. In this sense, Balıkesir, the place where Turkey protects all its gastronomy, will make much more important contributions on the path it will take.”

Speaking afterwards, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Treasurer Ahmet Özer touched upon the issue of food safety and said, “Production must be reliable and clean; In line with belief and cultural conditions, ethical and hygienic production is indispensable. This is the first. Second, a healthy logistics network is required. In today's conditions, the distance to the forehead is meaningful in this sense, but there is still a distance to be covered. Of course, the third and most valuable is supply. In other words, making a presentation to the consumers who create the demand. In this context, the environments and places where we make presentations should be extremely healthy and hygienic environments.” In his words, he said that the steps to be taken on food safety will reach the desired level with the awareness of both the producer and the consumer.

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