WorldFood Istanbul Created a Business Volume of 4 Billion Euros in 1.2 Days

WorldFood Istanbul Creates Billion Euros of Business Volume Every Day
WorldFood Istanbul Created a Business Volume of 4 Billion Euros in 1.2 Days

WorldFood Istanbul, which is the biggest sector fair of Eurasia and is on the way to become one of the largest sector fairs in the world with its momentum and expanding sphere of influence, celebrated its 30th anniversary with its stakeholders, which opened its doors at TÜYAP between 1-4 September 2022.

Hosting 163 visitors from 38.358 different countries this year, 33% of the exhibitors, ie 12.633 in total, were foreign visitors. Thus, the number of exhibitors at WorldFood Istanbul, which increased the number of foreign visitors by 141 percent compared to the previous year, reached a historical level.

While 25 exhibitors from 835 different countries presented their more than 2000 brands to both professional visitors and over 77 foreign purchasing professionals from 600 countries, as a result of the meetings held within the scope of the WorldFood Istanbul VIP Procurement Committee program for 4 days, the targeted “minimum 1 billion Euro business volume” target was achieved.

WorldFood Istanbul 2022 is a very important event, mainly from important regions such as Middle East and North African countries (MENA), Balkan countries, CIS countries, South & North American countries, Southeast Asia, within the framework of this program, which led to the establishment of new collaborations and the signing of agreements during the fair. purchasing professionals were hosted in Istanbul.

WorldFood Istanbul Director Semi Benbanaste stated that the number of purchasing professionals has reached a very important figure, and that the last exhibition is an important experience in order for WorldFood Istanbul to be among the most important international fairs in its sector, as of the current situation, and said, “The business volume affecting commercial mobility in our fairs. is the Procurement Committee Program that develops its target. This year, we hosted a significant number of more than 600 professional buyers in Istanbul. In this way, we exceeded the 1 Billion Euro business volume that we had targeted before the fair, and enabled sales of 1.2 Billion Euros. I would like to say that our local participants, especially those who make production in Turkey, got a big slice of this cake.” He drew attention to the contribution of the Buyer's Mission Program to the business volumes of the participants in 4 days.

With the sessions, workshops, entrepreneurial presentations and award ceremonies held during the fair, industry stakeholders can take the pulse of the industry from the Food Arena event area and YouTube followed through.

Benbanaste stated that another focus area of ​​the fair is to identify trends and talk about the future of the industry, adding, “This year, besides sustainability and reliable food, the focus of our events is to find solutions to waste, which is one of the most important problems of our industry, or what can be done to reduce waste, how we will use our kitchen in this direction. became the subject. In addition, our entrepreneurs, whom we attach great importance to and support, had the opportunity to introduce their new products and services to the sector.” said.

During the fair, Creative Appetizers Inspired by the Zero Waste Movement and Creative Desserts Inspired by the Zero Waste Movement workshops; With the cooperation of the Cooks Association, the experience-oriented products selected from the participant stands were implemented in cooperation with the Cooks Association. Organized in cooperation with the Gastronomy Association, with the limited participation of gastronomy experts, the Special Fair Tour visited the exhibitor stands and evaluated the approaches, solutions and products that fight with healthy and reliable products and zero waste on site.

While the Presidents' Session, which has become a classic for WorldFood Istanbul, was held this year as well, IHBIR announced the sector's export target for 2022 as 13 billion dollars; The benefits of the trust created in the product and supply chain to Turkey and domestic manufacturers were conveyed with case studies.

While 10 different entrepreneurs present their new products and services to the participants in the Food Tech Garage area in the Food Arena event area, supported by the European Union and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT Food); The women entrepreneurs of the 2020-2021-2022 program of “Empowering Women in Agrifood – EWA”, which was held in cooperation with Impact Hub Istanbul, and, conveyed their innovative projects and stories, including sector-specific technological solutions in the Food Tech Garage area, to the audience.

This year, in innovative approaches; healthy snack production, functional nutrition, non-chemical fertilizer and soil-friendly olive production, and artificial intelligence, helping bees to produce healthy, reproducing and nutritious honey, and solutions and services aimed at preventing waste were offered.

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