World Cultures Festival Started with 'Arslantepe' Theme

World Culture Festival Started with Arslantepe Theme
World Cultures Festival Started with 'Arslantepe' Theme

World Cultures Festival with the participation of Ankara Ambassadors of 30 countries; It started in Ankara CerModern with the organization of Ebrişem Gallery with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Youth and Sports and Yunus Emre Institute.

Ankara Embassies of 30 countries, mainly France, Italy, Iran, Azerbaijan, India, Kazakhstan and United Arab Emirates (UAE), participated in the opening ceremony held in CerModern with the theme of “Arslantepe Mound” in Malatya by opening separate stands.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, who attended the opening, stated that they are very honored and happy because this year's theme of the World Culture Festival is “Arslantepe Mound” and said, “Arslantepe has been registered as the nineteenth in the World Cultural Heritage list. When describing Arslantepe, we describe it as the place where human civilization began.”

Providing information about the excavation process of Arslantepe Mound, Mayor Gürkan said, “The excavations that started in 1931, the findings of the excavations that started after 2 due to the Second World War and are still continuing, showed us that. The world has shown that the civilization of humanity started in Malatya, Arslantepe, and this has been registered by the UNESCO Board. The transition of the human civilization in the world to a settled life, the creation of the phenomenon of state life, the separation of the religion-state phenomenon, customs clearance and trade transactions, accounting transactions and evolution from the stone age to the iron age, and the use of iron as a tool, equipment and weapon with these evolutions, that is, the development of civilization as the origin. His place is Malatya Arslantepe. I would like to thank Ebrişem Gallery and all participants and stakeholders who participated in this management organization for choosing such a theme.” he said.

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