ULAQ SİDA Will Use Domestic Diesel Marine Engine

ULAQ Will Use SIDA Domestic Diesel Marine Engine
ULAQ SİDA Will Use Domestic Diesel Marine Engine

Developed in partnership with Ares Shipyard and Meteksan Defense, the ULAQ S/IDA (Armed/Unmanned Marine Vehicle) Tümosan will use a domestic diesel marine engine.

TÜMOSAN, which was established in 1976 to produce motor propulsion, transmission organs and similar equipment and is the first diesel engine manufacturer in Turkey, stated that it has developed a domestic diesel marine engine for ULAQ SİDA. In this context, in the statement made on the official Twitter account of TÜMOSAN, “We are involved in many projects with the Presidency of Defense Industries for the protection of our homeland. Our domestic diesel marine engine will be used in the Armed Unmanned Marine Vehicle (SİDA), the first platform of the “ULAQ” series developed by ARES Shipyard.” statements were included.

TÜMOSAN domestic marine engine

Developed as the first member of the marine engine family, the 4DT-41M engine was showcased at the fair in Istanbul as “Turkey's 100 Domestic Marine Engines”. The TÜMOSAN Marine Engine Project was initiated to develop solutions that Turkey needs, both for auxiliary engine and marine genset use, and for type engines that can be used on boats with an average length of 12 meters.

With the project, it is aimed to offer and integrate economic and national-local solutions with 3, 75, 85 and 95 horsepower for important waterway platforms in Turkey, which is surrounded by seas on 105 sides. Developed as the first member of the Marine engine family, the 4DT-41M engine (105 hp) was developed on the basis of the existing engine, which has been produced in the TÜMOSAN Konya factory for more than 30 years and has more than 270 thousand units in use in the market.

The engine was presented to users as a reliable, economical, corrosion resistant, high performance and low fuel consumption solution. Domestic engines have a significant price advantage next to imported marine engines, whose prices have become quite high due to the exchange rate difference.

ULAQ Armed Unmanned Marine Vehicle was put into mass production

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced that ULAQ SİDA started mass production in his transfers regarding the activities of 2021. In his statement, Erdoğan said, “We have started mass production of our first armed unmanned sea vehicle, ULAQ.” made his statement.

ULAQ to be Exported to Europe

When Pehlivanlı was asked by Naval News about the interest that may come from foreign countries to ULAQ, “I am pleased to state that there are European end-user country candidates for ULAQ. Final negotiations with the two countries, which are about to be completed, will be concluded soon. I think our deals will be announced in the first months of 2022.” explained in his own words.

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