TÜRASAŞ Puts Redundant Brass Materials on Sale

TURASAS Sells Surplus Rice Material
TÜRASAŞ Puts Redundant Brass Materials on Sale

TÜRASAŞ factory in Sakarya puts the surplus brass material up for sale if it is a tender.

Turkey Rail System Vehicles Industry Inc. The factory, which was renamed as (TÜRASAŞ) Sakarya Regional Directorate, will put the surplus brass material on sale through tender.

28.995,70 kilograms of brass material to be put up for sale will be tendered by bargaining method .

The tender will be held at TÜRASAŞ Sakarya Regional Directorate Tender Commission Meeting Hall on Wednesday, October 5th at 10.30:XNUMX.


1-The conditions to participate in the tender and the required documents and the criteria to be applied in the qualification evaluation:
1.1. Conditions of participation in the tender and required documents
a) Signature statement or circular of signature showing that he is authorized to bid;
1) Notarized signature declaration in case of real person,
2) In the case of a legal entity, the Trade Registry Gazette, which indicates the latest status indicating the partners, members or founders of the legal entity and the officials in the management of the legal entity, if all of this information is not available in a Trade Registry Gazette, the relevant Trade Registry Gazettes to show all of this information or this Documents showing the issues and notarized signature circular of the legal entity,
b) A letter of offer in accordance with the standard form attached to this Specification,
c) Receipts showing that the guarantee letters in accordance with the standard form of the bid guarantee specified in this Specification or the guarantees other than the bid guarantee letters have been deposited to the Accounting Office or the Accounting Offices,
ç) (if requested) qualification documents requested in this tender announcement, the details of which are in the administrative specification,
d) In case of participating in the tender by proxy, notarized power of attorney regarding participation in the tender issued on behalf of the attorney and notarized signature statement of the attorney,
e) In case the bidder is a joint venture, a business partnership in accordance with the standard form attached to this Specification
1.2. In case of a bid as a business partnership,
1.2.1. By each partner of the business partnership 4.1. It is obligatory to submit the document specified in subparagraph (a) of the article separately.
2- Viewing and purchasing the tender document: The tender document can be viewed at the address of the administration and can be purchased from the same address for 150,00-Turkish Liras. The tender document can also be purchased by mail or cargo under the conditions specified in the administrative specification. Tender document sales price by mail: 150,00 Turkish Liras (tender document will be sent to the bidder by courier with counter payment). Those who are required to submit bids to purchase the tender document. According to the provisions of Article 4 of the Administrative Specification, the bids of the bidders who do not purchase the tender document will be deemed invalid.
3- The most economically advantageous (most suitable) bid will be determined on the basis of the highest price.
4- Only domestic bidders can participate in this tender.
5- Bids can be sent to the address of TÜRASAŞ Sakarya Regional Directorate - General Document Chief / ADAPAZARI until the date and time of the tender, or they can be sent via registered mail with return receipt requested.
6- OFFER: It will be given in accordance with the sample of TÜRASAŞ Offer Letter. CONTRACT: A contract will be drawn up in accordance with the sample of TÜRASAŞ Type contract.
7- Partial bids cannot be submitted for the work subject to the tender.
8- Bidders shall provide a bid bond in the amount to be determined by themselves, not less than 3% of the price they offer. If the bid bond is given as a letter of guarantee, the duration of the letter of guarantee will be 90 days in total.
9- The validity period of the submitted bids must be at least 60 (sixty) CALENDAR DAYS from the date of the tender.
10- Our Administration is not subject to the laws numbered 4734 and 4735, except for the provisions of penalties and prohibition from tenders in this tender.
11- 6% Performance Guarantee over the total contract price 0% 9,84 Stamp duty and 05,69% Decision stamp fee will be paid to the corporate cashier or bank accounts before the contract is signed by the firm that won the tender. The performance bond will be released after the contractor fulfills his contractual obligations.
12-The contractor who signed the contract by giving the most advantageous price offer in the tender will pay 18% VAT on the contract price.
13-The brass material subject to sale is 28.995,70-Kg in total.

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