The Heart of Digital Technologies Beats in Astana!

Heart of Digital Technologies Astanada Atti
The Heart of Digital Technologies Beats in Astana!

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that as Turkey, they are ready to share all their knowledge and experience in the field of digitalization with the Turkish world.

Minister Varank spoke at the opening of the “Digital Bridge-2022” International Forum held in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Varank, who thanked the government of Kazakhstan for inviting many experts from the public, business world, academia and different disciplines to the event, said, “It offers us a unique opportunity to explore innovative projects and solutions in the region. It is the phenomenon called 'digitalization' that brings us together here today.” said.


Pointing out that technological solutions started to be used more in products and services with the Kovid-19 epidemic, Varank said, “Thus, cultures, habits, ways of doing business and even economies have radically changed. Frankly, if we see this transformation as an ordinary "technology revolution", I think we have just started this race. Because; Concepts such as cyber security, big data, internet of things (IoT), blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), smart cities, mobile are the harbingers of a new world beyond a revolution.” made its assessment.


Noting that the losers of this era will be those who cannot produce innovative technological solutions, Varank said, “The only way to survive in this new world is with an agile governance approach. Those who cannot make quick decisions, do not produce innovative technological solutions, and resist digitalization will take their place in history as the losers of this era. As the representatives of the Turkish world, we should never miss this process and take all necessary steps in unity and solidarity.” used the phrases.


Explaining that as Turkey, they embarked on this path under the name of “National Technology Move”, Minister Varank said, “This concept represents a very broad roof vision. By producing critical technologies with our own means, we aim to become a country that produces, not consumes.” said.


Stating that they are building a fair, reliable, transparent and integrated digital Turkey, Varank said, “We are creating appropriate infrastructures for the development of domestic, national and innovative technologies. We design business processes in the public and private sectors in accordance with artificial intelligence and big data. We are one of the most successful examples of the world, especially in the digitalization of public services. If you want to invest in Turkey today, you can visit a website and see in seconds what supports you can benefit from.” he said.


Noting that the main framework in this area is the e-Government application, Varank said, “Today, more than 900 institutions provide nearly 61 services to our 7 million citizens online through the e-Government application. We have saved close to 10 million dollars in the last 150 years with the electronicization of paper documents alone.” said.


Stating that they save time, which is the most valuable treasure, by shortening the service period as well as financial savings, Varank said, “In addition to moving these processes to digital, there are many examples where we have brought digitalization to business processes. We make people's lives easier by cooperating with local governments on smart cities. We have digital applications in many areas from public transportation to green space, from city planning to daily life.” used his statements.


Adding that they have made great strides in agriculture, wearable technologies and autonomous vehicles with the integration of technologies, Varank added, “Besides, we have taken many successful steps for the digital transformation of our industry. Today, one of the world's largest digital transformation and competence centers is located in Istanbul, Turkey. Here, we provide trainings that prepare our employees for the technologies of the future and the professions of the future. We take digital X-rays of companies and create unique digitalization maps for them.” used the phrases.


Minister Varank stated that they established "model factories" to increase the efficiency of the Turkish industry and said, "Thus, we are making the factories with old production habits ready for digitalization by switching to lean production. We saw the transformation in the automotive industry and we designed Turkey's Car, Togg, as an electric one from birth. Today, Togg has not only pioneered the transformation in the automotive industry, but created a new e-mobility ecosystem.” said.


Emphasizing that they started to invest in unmanned aerial vehicles long before other countries, Varank said, “The result; TURKISH SİHAs, which the whole world is waiting in line to buy, make headlines around the world almost every day. Of course, all this digital transformation requires an R&D process, it needs innovation. What is at the core of R&D? Of course, qualified human resources.” he said.


Noting that for this reason, they are trying to make the biggest investment in people, Varank said, “We warm our young people in Turkey to the digital world since childhood. With the technology workshops we have established, we give them technology lessons from robotic coding to space, from design to the internet of things. We organize game camps, science fairs, competitions and sky observation activities for our youth. We give them free cyber-security, software, game development trainings. We finance the research of our young people who want to be entrepreneurs, we provide consultancy to them, and we support the commercialization of their ideas.” he said.

Pointing out that the importance of the digital world is increasing day by day, Varank said, “I would like to express with all my heart that as Turkey, we are ready to share all our knowledge and experience with the friendly and brotherly Turkish world and our allies.” used the phrases.

Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Space Industry Bagdat Musin hosted the “Digital Bridge-2022” International Forum, Turkey Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, President of the Presidency Digital Transformation Office Ali Taha Koç, Turkey's Ambassador to Astana In addition to Ufuk Ekici, Minister of Information Technologies Development and Communication of Uzbekistan Sherzod Shermatov, Deputy Minister of Digital Development and Transport of Azerbaijan Farid Ahmadov, Deputy Minister of Digital Development of Kyrgyzstan Indira Sarshenova and Secretary General of the Turkic States Organization Badhdad Amreyev are also attending.

Minister Varank will also meet with Turkish business people and bilateral meetings within the scope of his Astana contacts.

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